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    Hello, I just got a Nintendo DS and I want to get into the homebrew scene with it. I actually traded my PSP [​IMG] for this DS [​IMG] because homebrew on the PSP was a pain and it seems so much simpler on the DS. Ok so I've read a dozen threads on quite a few sites including this one and I'm still confused where to start. with my FAT DS I want to

    • Play DS Roms with the least amount of slow downs!!!!
    • WiFi
    • Use Homebrew Applications
    • Media i.e music/videos with the least amount of slow downs!!!!

    So to do this I understand I need a flashcart/SDchip I believe right? Now theres so many...

    • Acekart 2/Acekart RPG
    • R4/v2
    • DS-X
    • EDGE
    • iTouch

    Just to name a few and while I've read equally good opinions on all of them there seems to be equally bad opinions about each. I'm not a technical person by no means but when it comes down to what I want I don't know which would suit me best, yes I've read practically ALL the reviews for most of these flashcarts but I've read also so many other reviews which seem to differ from allot of what is said in those reviews, while the review gives it 9/10 so many people give it 5 or less or just down right condemn it. So my question is this, as stated above my sole purpose of wanting a cart is for ROMS / HOMEBREW with the least of slowdowns now I don't know if its the cart that causes the slowdowns or the SD chip which leads me to my next questions...

    Q: Do slow downs occure due to the flashcart or the SD chipset?

    Q: If it's due to the chipset, which chipset is recommended for use to get the least amount of slow downs?

    Q: Is there a good combonation of cart/chip?

    Q: Does operating on a FAT DS or DS LIGHT affect the performance of anything?

    I've read the list of respectable buyers so I'm good there but I'm still a little worried about fakes I don't know if this is something I can avoid as I've heard some of these retails don't even know they are in possession of them. Anyway I appreciate anyone who takes the time and is able to provide me with any answers and let this noob see the light. I'm just trying to be as careful as I can and not dump money into anything or the wrong thing without any proper knowledge and any opinions from experienced customers/users of these items.
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    I would suggest the CycloDS for your flash card, since it meets your requirements and it's a really newbie-friendly card.

    Answers to your questions:

    Slow-downs occur mainly due to the MicroSD, not the flash card itself.

    The fastest MicroSD would be the the Kingston Japanese cards or any brand of Class 6 MicroSDHC.

    CycloDS with a 2GB Kingston SD or A-Data 4GB Class 6 SDHC.

    No, there is no difference between operating on a Phat or Lite.

    If you're worried about fakes, then just buy from a reputable source. is a very reliable seller in the U.S.

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    Aug 3, 2008
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    Hey thank you very much for replying, Everything I was looking to know. Well I guess this is what I'm going tp purchase then.

    1 CycloDS
    1 2GB Kingston SD

    Thank you once again, DeMoN.
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    From PharaohViziers's statement, i think CycloDS is superiror due to the Real-Time-State and Real-Time-Guide, other than that, the features is not interesting...

    So maybe that EDGE s/he recommend is better, but well, it's up to you
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    What is a cyclo ds stripped of its features? Just an edge ds. I wouldn't really ever think of buying one because the whole point of the cyclo is to have all the exclusive stuff. The acekard 2 has a great menu that's very noob friendly but I have heard it works with every microsd card. Untested by myself. Just heard. If you want all the cyclo's features but a little rough menu that you think you can get through get the supercard ds one. It has all the cyclo's features but at only $28 on DX. The menu isn't as good as the AK2 but if you don't care it gets you the most bang for your buck.