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    Well I'm going to be starting a little project. I wanted to make this thread though for some help starting.

    You see I am going to get some model kits today of jets and cars. I will build the kits first but I wish to customize them and I will show my work here and make videos once done.

    What I need help for is the supply decision. Should I get paint or sharpies? I figure the models will be plastic but slight chance of it being medal. If its plastic I'd like to get sharpies because I have tight pockets I can't go buy expensive paint.

    That's besides the point though. If it is metal I need some recommendations on where to get some paint for such a project like this. Looking for well known places e.g Wal Mart etc...

    I will be customizing the kits on a Iron Man theme. I also plan on getting a Iron Man kit I saw at a store but it's 35 so that will come later...