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December 31, 2007
There are only 2 ways to enter a rewards check at the register. One is to run it as a coupon. This way removes the amount from your purchase as well as any tax from that amount. But if you have a $20 reward check and you only spend $12, the other $8 disappears. So in the case of someone spending less than the check amount, we run it as a gift certificate and give the remaining money to them on a cash card. This way though only removes the amount and not the tax. So in this lady's case, she had a $6.10 check and her total came to $6.14 after tax. In these cases, the system is bad. Option one makes the final cost $0, but the remaining 30 some cents go into limbo, but usually people don't care about those few pennies. Option 2 makes her owe us 4 cents. So I ring it up as option 1 and she owes nothing. She then comes back saying how the check was for $6.10, but the receipt shows that the check rang up at what the price was before tax. I try to explain the concept to her, but she insists I ring it up the second way. So I call a manager down to void her previous transaction, and then re-ring it up with option 2. I tell her she owes 4 cents and she pays and leaves. I guess 4 cents is a better deal than free?

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