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    Oct 23, 2002
    Hi dudes..
    Yes.. we got it!!
    Couple of weeks ago I contacted Raylight Studios, and after a couple of mails, we got this interview!!
    I really want to thank Massimiliano, the nicest PR on the net, and Omero, who helped me a lot with the interview translation!!

    Ok ok here is it!!

    Alexander: Hi Massimiliano

    Massimiliano: Hi Alexander, let's skip formalities and just talk, btw thank you for your interest about Raylight Studios.

    A: We asked you this interview since in this last year, anyone in the gaming scene has spoken very much about the "Raylight Studios" and your graphic engine BlueRoses which should guarantee astonishing 3d graphic level on the GBA hardware.
    (check this page for some samples of BlueRoses engine:

    M: BlueRoses, our 3D multiplatform engine is actually the only one that offers a graphical level comparable to the PsOne (Playstation) on the GBA hardware. The results are amazing and what we have succeeded to do with Wing Commander proves it, especially if you think that is just an old version of the BlueRoses... [​IMG]

    A: Let's start with a little national pride:
    Anyone knows that the videogames world is a hard and messy world especially for the software houses that can't rely on support from big multinational companies and producers. How did Raylight cope with this, and how did you manage to gather so much interest and attention about yourself?

    M: In the beginning the Raylight had no support at all, only the knowledge and the finances of the founders: Massimiliano Di Monda, Fausto Cardone, Francesco Paduano, Vanni Miele.
    We first gathered the worldwide attention developing a demo for Game Boy Color that both Namco and the same Nintendo defined surprising.
    I'm talking about GB Rally, that even if defined the best rally game on Game Boy Color, it has never been published due to the lack of an official licence. However, thanks to GB Rally we become official developers for GBC and afterwards for GBA. That's when Crawfish Interactive noticed Raylight's talent, and asked us to develop Speedball II, Wings Advance and Superman (cancelled), but since then we have done everything by ourselves, with only our strengths.

    A: An important step for your software house has been for sure the particular recognition that "Wing Commander" obtained to the E3. Did you expect such award?

    M: The Award we received to the E3 has certainly been very important and confirms that our technology is one of the best for the GBA hardware. Sincerely we were not expecting it even if we were aware we did an excellent work, but this award confirmed it indeed! [​IMG]

    A: Your fans wanna know when this game will be actually avaliable in stores [​IMG]

    M: Check your favourite store on late january, early february!!

    A: You are certainly working on other new games, can you tell us something about them?

    M: The games we are working on are top secret now, while the other title revealed to the audience is the magnificent Rtype III, for which we are currently discussing Publishing agreements.

    A: Let's talk about the BlueRoses![​IMG]
    without any doubt everyone in the video-gaming scene is looking forward to this little jewel, some rumors talk about big distributors asking you to develop great titles, or even sofware houses ready to buy the graphic engine, can you tell us something more about it?

    M: We have contacts with many publishers and developers, and some of them asked us also the licence of our engine, which will for now remain a Raylight exclusive.

    A: One of the things that hyped (and still do) the BlueRose engine the most were the astonishing screens and movies downloadable from your website, that you gave out thriftily. Many of them remind very well known videogame hits... are they simply tech demos, or can we expect to actually see some of them running on our GBA sooner or later?


    M: Who knows [​IMG]
    For sure is that Wing Commander started from a famous old demo named Star Giants, that reminded a lot the Electronic Arts game... and now we have the real game [​IMG]

    A: One of the titles that made Raylight become well known is GB Rally: there are some rumor talks about a GBA restyle, can you reveal something about it?

    M: True, GB Rally for GBA is one of our future projects, it seems to be a really good title, but I cannot say much about it, cause as I said before, most of our projects are currently top secret [​IMG]

    A: ( OK we are nearly finished )
    your relationship with the Big N seems to be idyllic, why you choose its portables first, and now (recent news) the gamecube as well? are you already developing something for the cube?

    M: Well the Game Boy Color first and afterwards the GBA were consoles suitable to our resources: our developing team was little, and therefore we could onlyconcentrate all our energies to develop portable consoles titles. But lately we have become bigger both in numbers and experience, enough to be real Gamecube developers. I know you are curious, but be patient, the first gamecubetitle will be announced very soon. So don't worry, BlueRoses, that I want to remind that was born as a multiplatform 3D engine, is ready to put the cube at work [​IMG]

    A: Last question then I'll offer you a coffee [​IMG]
    Can you reveal us what's behind the scenes at Raylight? Your secrets? [​IMG]

    M: Our secrets? Passion for VG and professionalism!

    A: Thank you a lot, Raylight fans (like we are) will appreciate all these new infos so much! I hope we will able able to chat again about your games soon! [​IMG]

    M: Thanks to you for the interest and to all the readers whom soon will be able to appreciate our games. Bye guys!!!

    That's all folks!!

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