Sonic Generations not Detecting my Graphic Card

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by EvilMakiPR, May 20, 2015.

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    Hi Tempers. Well I have a Laptop with a dedicated GPU plus its integrated GPU. For some weird reason Sonic Generations comes with a program to configure the graphics and its not within the game. Well the problem is that that ConfigurationTool dont detect my NVIDIA GPU just the integrated Intel one. I already did the NVIDIA Control Panel thing and the ConfigTool has yet to detect my GPU.

    Any help?
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    Here's how to step by step:
    1 ) Open your NVIDIA Control Panel(By right clicking on the desktop and selecting the "NVIDIA Control Panel")

    2 ) On the 3D Settings List, Chose "Manage 3D Settings"

    3 ) On the "Program Settings" tab, add the SonicGenerations.exe and ConfigurationTool.exe in your installation folder, then force both of them to use the High Performance NVIDIA processor. (Don't forget to apply the changes)

    4 ) Open your "Screen Resolution" window (By right clicking on the desktop and selecting "Screen Resolution").

    5 ) Click Detect

    6 ) It should display additional monitors greyed out and saying "Another display not detected". Find the one that is not Intel Integrated Graphics but your High Performance NVIDIA Graphics (Whichever it is) and select it.

    7 ) On the "Multiple displays", chose "Try to connect anyway on: VGA" (it can be another slot depending on your hardware).

    8 ) Apply.

    9 ) Again on the "Multiple dislpays", chose "Extend these displays".

    10 ) Run the ConfigurationTool.exe, it should show your NVIDIA graphics card as a graphics adapter.

    11 ) Select your main display which is Intel Integrated Graphics. (Do NOT select your NVIDIA card!!! Because it is not associated with a monitor.)

    12 ) Run the game normally. It should work fine now.
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