Hacking Sonic Continuum update, also looking for xbox one x testers.


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May 3, 2017
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Greetings everyone,

In the October update, we mentioned that the next video update for sonic continuum will be in January 2018. But I figured that I should still update you guys with a quick post to let you all know what has happened since our last post.

First, we got a new artist and a new developer which is very helpful for us when it comes to working on the sonic continuum levels. I have also been researching more when it comes to optimization.

On that note, I have been able to compile a prototype for a 4k version of sonic continuum. I would like to be able to test it but I do not have an xbox one x or a pc with 4k support. So if someone would like to test it for me before it is officially released as a demo, please pm me and we can discuss more on how to test it and feedback on how to make the 4k version more unique.

I haven't also forgotten about the Sonic continuum xbox controller glitch where some people are reporting that the controller is not working in the xbox one version. This is what I am currently working on and will update this post as soon as possible once the xbox one version is confirmed to be fixed. I was able to get another xbox one in order to be able to test the game on it.

As far as the project management goes, we are changing the way we are managing the game. We heard your concerns about wanting to see more gameplay and less features, and that is something that I totally agree with that we need to show more and will focus on it a lot more in 2018. We feel that we have announced enough features for now like being able to mod your characters, and adding achievements support to all current versions of sonic continuum, and now we need to show more gameplay.

I also wanted to point out that city escape will most likely be the only level from another game to be featured in our game, that is because we want to focus on making new levels rather than just use existing once. but that doesn't mean we wont reference other levels in one way or another ;).

Also, a friendly reminder that the oc competition will be finished in two weeks (January 1st, 2018 to be exact). We will announce the winners in the January update of this game who will be picked by our art team.

As for our goals for sonic continuum for next year, we would like to show more than just a screenshot of a level. I would like to show the levels running in action, I would also like to update the mod tool to support other characters. I would like to discuss the plot, but most importantly, I want to discuss what we are doing with the game to make it more distinct from other sonic fan games. After all, what matters the most is how fun the game will be.

Once again, I would like to personally thank everyone who has been supporting this project so far, whether they are from here, from sonic retro, or from the sonic amino community or from other communities. Because of your support, not only do we feel motivated to make this game as best as it can be, but we are also partnering with other people to help us make sonic continuum even better. Can't wait to announce more about these partnerships when they are ready in 2018.

So that is all I wanted to say, the project is still active and we haven't forgotten about our sonic continuum plans for 2018 and beyond. Make sure to send your submissions to the oc competition if you haven't already. and if you are a developer or an artist, or a composer and you think you can help. please pm me. Until then, I hope you guys have a nice holiday and a nice new year. and let's hope for 2018 to be a fantastic year for sonic continuum and its community. We will see you next year with more information on city escape level.
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