some n00by questions, can anyone help me?

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    with Snivy, Mystery Zone (offset 0x0FFFF)
    Im new in 3ds hacking, so, i don't know much, can someone help me? Thank you if you can help me :D
    What is the best method/exploit to hack new 3ds
    1.- What is HardMod?
    2.- What is a GateWay and Sky3DS(+)?
    2.5- If i play online with installed Cias, i can get banned? (emunand)
    2.6- if i get banned in Emunand, sysnand is babned too??
    2.7 - Can switch between emunand and sysnand???
    3.- If i want to hack my 3DS ( what i need?
    3.1.- (probably) im gonna buy a 2ds with a unknown fimware, but if is lower of 9.X, is more easly to hack my new 3DS?
    4.- Can PowerSaves remplace save data of a game?? (3DS) (Like OOT for launch exploit?)
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    Nov 30, 2016
    Hard mod is essentially a hardware modification that requires soldering to backup/ restore your nand
    It can be used to downgrade a 3ds that's running 11.0

    gateway/sky3ds are flashcarts that allow you to run games/homebrew off the flashcart

    Playing online should is fine with cias, there were cases for people getting banned playing the lurantis leak of moon/sun but pretty sure that was due to people playing online before it was released in their region

    If emunand was banned sysnand would be banned too

    You can switch between sysnand and emunand

    if you have another console running cfw and it's already got legit purchases of the dsi ware games that were recently taken off the estore you can perform a downgrade on the target 3ds using this guide:

    otherwise you can do a hardmod/ hardmod downgrade if you are decent at soldering
    Hardmod installation:
    Hardmod downgrade:

    If you do not own an already hacked 3ds with the dsiware titles and you have no soldering skills there's a thread on hardmodders by region

    If you get a 3ds running 9.0 it is incredibly easy to install cfw
    without the need to downgrade or hardmod

    Yeah powersaves can be used to replace a save file of oot with the exploit
    i believe there is a post on gbatemp about it
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