Hacking Some games giving a black screen


Oct 4, 2017
Korea, South
So as far as I can tell I had a successful softmod. things seem to work fine, 90% of titles I try to load also work fine. But once in awhile I'm running into a title that just gives me a black screen using USB Loader GX. Someone suggested that it might be file size, but I have a FAT32 drive and I'm using Wiibackup manager to put the files onto the HD. Everything I've read suggests it should be putting the files on there properly and the fact that most are working would suggest they are.

I tried telling the file to "force ntsc" but that didn't seem to have any effect. I also tried letting it sit there for a few minutes but no amount of time would let it work. Any ideas how I can even start troubleshooting this?

Just in case this would be helpful

EDIT: Okay I fixed this. My default IOS was 249. These games that were black screening had to be told to use 250 instead. After setting it on their launch settings they all load now.

sysCheck v1.6.2 by Erik Spyder  
Region: NTSC-U  
The system menu v513 is running under IOS58 (rev 6176)  
Hollywood v0x11  
Console ID: 68060222  
Boot2 v4  
Found 122 titles  
Found 31 IOS on this console  
Found 15 IOS Stubs on this console  
IOS (revision)    IOS Stub
IOS4 (rev 65280)    Yes
IOS9 (rev 1034)    No
IOS10 (rev 768)    Yes
IOS11 (rev 256)    Yes
IOS12 (rev 526)    No
IOS13 (rev 1032)    No
IOS14 (rev 1032)    No
IOS15 (rev 1032)    No
IOS16 (rev 512)    Yes
IOS17 (rev 1032)    No
IOS20 (rev 256)    Yes
IOS21 (rev 1039)    No
IOS22 (rev 1294)    No
IOS28 (rev 1807)    No
IOS30 (rev 2816)    Yes
IOS31 (rev 3608)    No
IOS33 (rev 3608)    No
IOS34 (rev 3608)    No
IOS35 (rev 3608)    No
IOS36 (rev 3608)    No
IOS37 (rev 5663)    No
IOS38 (rev 4124)    No
IOS40 (rev 3072)    Yes
IOS41 (rev 3607)    No
IOS43 (rev 3607)    No
IOS45 (rev 3607)    No
IOS46 (rev 3607)    No
IOS48 (rev 4124)    No
IOS50 (rev 5120)    Yes
IOS51 (rev 4864)    Yes
IOS52 (rev 5888)    Yes
IOS53 (rev 5663)    No
IOS55 (rev 5663)    No
IOS56 (rev 5662)    No
IOS57 (rev 5919)    No
IOS58 (rev 6176)    No
IOS60 (rev 6400)    Yes
IOS61 (rev 5662)    No
IOS62 (rev 6430)    No
IOS70 (rev 6912)    Yes
IOS80 (rev 6944)    No
IOS222 (rev 65280)    Yes
IOS223 (rev 65280)    Yes
IOS249 (rev 21010)    No
IOS250 (rev 65535)    No
IOS254 (rev 65280)    Yes
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