So, what could a softmod offer me?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Xbox' started by DeltaBladeX, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. DeltaBladeX

    DeltaBladeX GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 20, 2009
    New Zealand
    I got given a original model XBox yesterday with a few games and a couple of controllers. Other than the Doom games, I don't see myself using it much since local stores have been clearing out their inventory for over a year now leaving little to pick from, and I don't buy online. This also limits me to using the hotswap method if I do this (unless there is a local here willing to send me what I'd need for the hacked save method), which isn't a risk I'd take without plenty to interest me first.
  2. W.I.C.K.E.D.

    W.I.C.K.E.D. GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 12, 2009
    United States
    You could make it a media center with movies, music, or internet connectivity. Case mod it to look awesome like mine :D . Emulators, a must I believe because they can all be accessed just like a pc, but on a BIG tv :D. Burn the games directly to the hdd. Have it run linux if you like. Really there are many things you can do, it just depends on what you enjoy and what would benefit you most. It's really not a difficult process either.
  3. DeltaBladeX

    DeltaBladeX GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 20, 2009
    New Zealand
    Oh, I'm sure its easy enough, it just sounds risky.

    What kind of emulators could I expect to play on the system?
  4. W.I.C.K.E.D.

    W.I.C.K.E.D. GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 12, 2009
    United States
    Pretty much everything up to n64 I believe. I think there are ps1 emulators as well, but last I saw one it didn't run perfectly....that was years ago though. If you just wanted emulators you wouldn't even have to upgrade the hdd most likely as they typically have a small file size.

    286/386 - DOSXBox
    A 286/386 emulator that emulates old dos games such as commander keen, jazz jackrabbit, all old apogee games and basically any other game that can be run in dos.

    Adam/Colecovision - AdamX
    Better collecovision emulator than Koleko and it also emulators Adam.

    AGI Sierra - SarienX
    A Sierra AGI interpreter engine that will play many of the old Sierra adventure games including Leisure Suit Larry 1, Kings Quest 1, 2 and 3 and others.

    Amiga - WinUAEX
    An amiga emulator by xport, better than uaex

    Amstrad CPC - ArnoldX
    An Amstrad CPC emulator by xport.

    Apple IIgs/e/c/+ - KegsX
    Plays Apple IIgs/e/c/+ at good speeds

    Arcade - MAMEoX128 Plus! or BenderMameOX HSFII Edition
    An updated version of MameoxVMx. This emulator is also one of the main reasons for getting a 128MB ram upgrade (this emulator works fine on 64MB XBoxs too). MAMEox 128 Plus! has many updates including updated NeoGeo/CPS drivers, IPS support, and much more. It even has complete RomCenter and ClrMamePro DATS to audit your ROMS. BenderMameOX HSFII Edition features added drivers for Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition and, best of all, light gun support has been fixed!

    Atari800/5200/130/320/XL/XE - AtariXLBox
    An Xport emulator that emulators atari 800/5200/130/320/XL/XE and runs all games perfect.

    Atari 2600 - Z26X
    Better compatibility than Stella and as of v5 it now supports save states and rewind.

    Atari 7800 - Atari7800X
    An Atari 7800 emulator ported from MESS to the XBox by Xport.

    Atari Lynx - Mednafenx-lynx
    Replaces LynxBox. Better speed and compatibility overall. Also features the the rewind function.

    Atari ST - WinstonX
    Currently the only Atari ST emulator on Xbox.

    Chip-8 - Chip8x
    A port of Chuit, a Chip-8/Super Chip-8 emulator, by Xport.

    Commodore PET - VicePETX
    A Commodore PET emulator, and the only one around too.

    Commodore Vic-20 - Vice20X
    The only and best Commodore Vic-20 emulator

    Commodore 64 - Vice64X
    It has taken over Frodo-x and now becomes the best C64 emulator for xbox

    CPS3 Arcade - CPX3
    Plays Capcom Play System 3 arcade games. Currently has some issues with slow down due to the limitations of the XBox hardware.

    Daphne Laserdisc - DaphneX
    The best and only Arcade Laser Disc emulation.

    Dreamcast VMU - SoftVMU-X
    A Sega Dreamcast VMU emulator ported to the XBox by Xport.
    *note: this is a VMU emulator, NOT an actual Dreamcast emulator!!!

    Intellivision - BlissX
    The best and only fully functional intellivision emulator.

    Killer Instinct 1/2 - KI-XXX (based on U64-X)
    Emulates the games Killer Instinct 1 and 2. KI-XXX does not run from disc, but there is a version of this emulator by Likklebaer floating around that does. It is not available at the usual place though... and don't ask where to get it on the forum!

    Mac Plus - Xmac
    Xmac is an XBox port of minivac, a Mac Plus emulator. Ported to the XBox by Darcelf.

    MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ - BlueMSXBox
    Better than FMSXbox giving you a better experience when playing MSX/MSX2 and MSX2+

    Neogeo CD - NeoCD-SDLx Unleashed
    Emulates NeoGeo CD. Originally ported by Lantus, the "unleashed" version features ISO support thanks to GogoAckman

    Neogeo/CPS1/CPS2 - Fbaxxx or FBAXXX Pro
    Absolutely the best Neo Geo emu on Xbox. With the capability of playing the majority of Neo games almost flawlessly, AND being able to play Capcom's CPS 1 and CPS 2 arcade software, this is an essential emulator for your Xbox. FBAXXX is the primary emulator on which Gogo and the Logic Sunrise team work. FBAXXX Pro is based directly on FBAXXX and incorporates the latest drivers, support for more games/clones, and attempts to keep up with the latest ROM sets. As a result, FBAXXX Pro should only be used by individuals who don't mind updating some of their ROMS with virtually every new release. The original FBAXXX doesn't change ROM sets so each new version normally works with all the ROMS supported by previous version. Unfortunately FBAXXX is not currently available at the usual place. You will have to track it down yourself.

    Nintendo 64 - Surreal 64 XXX Beta 5
    An update of the best n64 emulator for xbox surreal64. Surreal 64 uses 3 emulators into one so you can choose which emulator you want to play (1964, project 64, ultraHLE. The xxx version has better game speed and has been updated with the latest Rice plugins. Some people feel that Surreal64 FDB is more stable than the Surreal XXX releases, which is why it is also listed. But we all still wait for the official Surreal64 V2.0

    Nintendo Game Boy Advance - XBoyAdvance
    Not only does this play GBA pretty damn well, but it will also play game boy and game boy color as well. On the GB and GBC you can also play split screen system link

    Nintendo NES - Mednafenx-nes
    This emulator replaces FCEUX. Better compatibility overall and more accurate color palette along with additional features like "rewind".

    Odyssey 2 - OdysseyX
    Port by xport that emulates the Odyssey 2.

    Pokemon Mini - PokemonMiniX
    A port of Minimon, a Pokemon Mini emulator, by Xport.

    ScummVMx - A emulator for several classic point-and-click adventure games such as Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Full Throttle and Beneath a Steel Sky.

    Sega Genesis/32X/CD - NeoGenesis or Xenesis
    Choose either Neogenesis by xport or Xenesis by Carcharius, both support 32x and sega cd emulation though its said that xenesis plays sega cd better. Both basically have the same features but neogenesis has more configurable menus and has the ability to overclock sega genesis games. You should get both and choose which one you like.

    Sega Master System / Game Gear / SG-1000 / SC-3000 / SF-7000 / MK3 - MekaX
    Emulates all the above Sega systems. Also supports lightgun for the master system.

    Sinclair ZX81 - Xzx81
    A port of xz81, a Sinclair ZX81 (aka TS1000) emulator. Ported to the Xbox by Darcelf.

    SNK NeoGeo Pocket - NeoPopX
    NeoGeo pocket emulator that plays all game perfectly.

    Sony Playstation - PCSXBox
    The only Playstation emulator for the XBox (excluding any run on top of Linux). Plays many games very well.

    Spectrum - DidntXSpectrum or FuseX
    Two Unix Spectrum emulators based off the same FUSE emulator source code. The DidntXSpectrum port of FUSE was done by Xport and FuseX by skratchy.
    note: I don't have any personal experience with either or these two emulators, so if anyone has any input on anything I should add to their descriptions please let me (Thraxen) know.

    Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Zsnexbox
    ZsnexBox is a port of the windows emulator ZSNES. It features fullspeed emulation, excellent sound, excellent compatibility, and many features the PC port doesn't even have. It supports the Xbox lightgun or the gamepad for Superscope games, force feedback/rumble on a per game basis, cheat searching, PAR/Game Genie support, 3 built in cheat databases with over 10,000 cheats/tips/codes, full HD support, DSP4 emulation, an enormous amount of options that can be tweaked, a built in music player supporting several classic video game formats (Genesis, SNES, NES, etc…), and comes with 3 excellent skins by Neverwill. This is the best SNES emulation experience to be found on any console. For the very few games that Zsnexbox doesn't support, xSNES9x is your next bext bet.

    Texas Instruments 99 - Classic99x
    An XBox port of Classic99, a Texas Instruments 99 emulator, by Xport.

    Thomson TO7-70 - Xthom
    Xthom is an XBox port of Thom, a Thomson TO7-70 emulator by Sylvain Huet and Eric Botcazou. Ported to the XBox by Darcelf.

    Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine/Super Grafx/CD/SCD - Mednafenx-pce
    Replaces HuGoX. Vastly improved compatibity compared to HuGoX, especially CD games... most of which now run near perfect. Also features the rewind function and support for simulating 6-button game pads.

    Watara Supervision - SupervisionX
    An XBox port of Potator, a Supervision emulator, by Xport. Description from Wikipedia: The Watara Supervision was a monochrome handheld game console, originating from Hong Kong, and introduced in 1992 as a cut-price competitor for the Nintendo Game Boy. It came packaged with a game called Crystball. The console had a slightly larger screen and larger buttons, and its games sold for far less than the Game Boy's. The games were not of high quality, and the console did not sell well. The original design for the console changed significantly through several iterations, and the last Supervisions were sold in 1996. The Supervision was marketed by several different companies around the world and under several different names, including Quickshot Supervision and Hartung SV-100.

    Wonderswan - WonderSwanX
    Plays most games at decent speeds but i've still seen alot of games have a slow down in them.

    Vectrex - Xvectrex
    A port of vecx, a GCE Vectrex emulator. Ported to the Xbox by Darcelf.

    Virtual Boy - VirtualBoyX
    A port of the Red Dragon Virtual Boy emulator. Ported to the Xbox by Xport.

    X68000 - X68000X
    An xport port of the X68000

    Edit: This list is dated, so there are most likely more out currently. This is a few years old.
  5. DeltaBladeX

    DeltaBladeX GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 20, 2009
    New Zealand
    Now some of those are very tempting. Thanks for all the details.
  6. W.I.C.K.E.D.

    W.I.C.K.E.D. GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 12, 2009
    United States
    No problem, and good luck. If you need any assistance, this forum will be priceless to you. Take care.
  7. OSpencerO

    OSpencerO GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 28, 2005
    From Nashville, Tennessee In Knoxville, Tennessee
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