So confused, too much outdated shit.

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  1. XtremeTemp

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    So GameStop had a sale where dses were 9.99 and the DS lite was 19.99 so I bought the lite. I expected for there to be clear instructions on shit to get to "hack it" but there is SO MUCH information and its confusing.

    On a DS lite and for a Swiss Army knife kinda purpose (it can do anything, not restricted to media, or games, or music, or entertainment but it can do all of them).

    What would be the best for me, as an all around flashcart for the DS lite that is still selling somewhere unlike most?
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  2. daxtsu

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    There's not really much to "hack" the DS with; it's pretty much insert any flash cart and go.

    If you want one that has a million-and-one features like save states, cheats, built-in emulators and such, you could probably look into the DSTWO or DSTWO+ (this is a 3DS flash cart, but it will also function as a regular DS cart), but if you just want one that plays pretty much any DS game and some emulators (not quite as good as the DSTWO(+) ones, since the TWO has an extra CPU in it), any cheap R4 will do.
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  3. Technicmaster0

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    Oct 22, 2011
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    I'd suggest an R4i Gold 3DS RTS ( or a CycloDS Evolution (tho that one will be hard to find and might have some compatibility issues). You can pair one of them with an EZ-Flash 3in1 Expansion Pack if you want to play gba games, want to use a RAM extension or want to use rumble.
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