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Aug 22, 2015
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Something that I have noticed recently is that it is sometimes hard to find information on certain files in the ssb4 rom, or what we can do. The goal of this thread will be to consolidate everything we are able to do in ssb4 into one place. I will keep this updated whenever I can, and try to find lost information whenever possible.

If you are new to ssb4 hacking, I highly recommend that you take a look here for downloads to reliable programs and basic changes. (Note: there may be newer versions of programs that will be listed later)

What We Can Do Right Now

  • Extract files from dtls. (the files that hold 90% of ssb4 data)
  • Modify almost all textures. (Using the old Ohana3ds, stages can use Ohana3ds Rebirth's BCH texture replacer, but it produces. garbage mipmaps)
  • Modify movesets with animcmd.
  • Modify stage collisions with the smash 4 easy stage editor.
  • Modifying character costume slots with saltysd 1.0 and this version of param.
  • Modify tex files. (Pretty much everything found in /ui/)
  • Change some stage textures. Mimpaps currently are not editable (there may be a way to hex edit the textures in, but no one has put the effort in afaik)
  • Modify most param files. Documentation for known param files will be posted soon™ (Same version of param as above, keep backups of modified params though)
  • Modify sound files. Sound effects have had issues however
ui_character_db.bin in param
ui_character_db.bin in hex editor offsets
global_parameter_db.bin in param
most soon™

Known WIPs
  • Lumen files. This controls layouts of the UI and other things.
  • Model/texture editing. Part of ohana3ds development. Most likely ded though since there hasn't been any updates on github in a while.
Very Useful Tools, Apps, and Other Links

  • Smash-Selector: A cia that allows you to download the latest build of saltysd and use multiple instances of a smash folder.
  • Sm4sh-Tools: Contains multiple programs for doing various things in ssb4 including sm4shcommand, dtls, and param.
  • More tools: This is the download in the Complete ROM Hacking Guide. Contains old ohana3ds, dtls for base game and updates, and a few other programs.
  • Smash 4 Easy Stage Editor: Allows you to edit stage params as well as lvd files.
  • HxD: A hex editor that allows for file comparison. Useful for Reverse Engineering and making edits to files that cannot currently be edited with a program.
  • BootNTR Selector: Allows for easy access to multiple versions of NTR CFW. If you are not familiar with this, it basically allows you to view ram, dump ram, take screenshots, run cheats, etc. Stick to 3.2 or 3.3 if you are planning on using this if you are unfamiliar.
  • sm4sht3x: Views, imports, and exports smash 4 tex files found in /ui/ (and other places I assume)
  • Ohana3ds: Program for viewing models, textures, and other things. Use old ohana3ds to modify bch files, and ohana3ds rebirth to extract textures, view models with textures, etc.
  • Smash 3ds Texture Hacking Thread: A thread for sharing texture modifications
  • Easy Nus3bank Editor: Injects idsps into nus3banks.
  • Simple nus3bank injector: converts wav to idsp and injects into nus3banks (WIP)
  • Wii U Documentation: Not directly relevant, but there is some reusable information on there.
  • Hitbox Display SaltySD: Shows hitboxes for moves. Useful for when you are modifying hitboxes and you want to see if they are correct.

Note: This list is far from complete. There is probably a good amount of information that was lost in the complete rom hacking thread, and elsewhere. If you do know of this information, please PM me with a link.
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