[WIP] Simple nus3bank injector

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    I wrote an application to modify nus3banks and replace the music with mp3, ogg, etc files using external programs to convert music files.

    It is not ready for release due to numerous bugs, but the source code is available here: https://github.com/ZeroTheSavior/nus3bank-injector
    Compile at your own peril. Don't blame me if it dumps files everywhere for no reason

    How to setup:
    1. Download sox from http://sox.sourceforge.net/ and the "Smash IDSP Build" folder from inside a smash 3DS modding pack (I forget where it comes from but it contains revb.exe, vgmstream.exe, stuff like that)
    2. Wherever the nus3bankInjector.exe is located, create a folder named "Dependencies"
    3. Create a folder named "sox" and put all the sox executables inside there
    4. Copy the "Smash IDSP Build" folder to Dependencies and rename to "IDSP"
    5. Rename the batch file in "IDSP" to build.bat

    How to use:
    It's simple! Just run nus3bankInjector.exe, it will prompt you for a nus3bank and then it will prompt you for a music file. Then it will inject and the program will close.

    Q: Why didn't you use Python?
    A: I don't know how to do this in Python...
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    Great. Yesterday I was looking for a way to automatize all the process. Thx.