Sleep Mode Problem =(

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    Aug 26, 2011
    Hello there, first of all, sorry for my bad english [​IMG]

    I have:

    DSi XL 1.4U
    8GB SDHC Kingston
    4GB SDHC Kingston
    2GB SD Kingston

    The Problem:

    I have a original Acekard 2i [Confirm whit the legitim code], when i bought the DS and the acekard 2i whit 1.4.3 Firmware and AKAIO 1.8.7, i only played Pokemon SoulSilver and all works perfect.
    Then 2 months later i started playing more games, and then when i close the DS for sleep mode it turns off. That happens whit some games.
    I tried to change the firmware of the Akaio, the firmware of the acekard, the SDs.
    When i used the 8GB SDHC most of the time the sleep mode wont work.
    When i used the 4GB SDHC before the format and install of the SD the sleep mode it seems to work, but when play like 1hs then stop working.
    When i used the 2GB SD it seems to work but past 3 or 4hs then stop working
    I tried to redownload the roms that have that problem from many sites.

    When i play whit the battery chager conected, the sleep mode works whit all the SDs.

    So... i dont know what happens i dont have idea