Silicone sleeves

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    IMO, silicon isn't that good, cuz they just feel wierd in my hands. Here are a few reviews of a few accessories, including the Dragon Guard Mask, which I recommend. DS Database Reviews
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    I spent awhile looking for a good DS lite case as well. I went for something that would be thin, wouldn't add much to the size of the ds (something like a skin...) but with more protection. I saw some cases that were more like skins and some cases which were cheap little rubber covers....

    I went with the DS Lite CapDase Silicon Skin/Case Hybrid. Its a silicon case with a ridgid plastic shell that helps it snap right around the ds lite. I love the case personally. It feels tough enough to protect while not adding alot of thickness. Its smooth and it looks awesome on the black DS lite.

    Here is a short review offered by DCEMU.

    The only things against this choice would be...its probably shipping from china...I haven't found it locally.
    It includes little stoppers for the headphone and power ports...they get lost...but the GBA siliconspacer is pretty tight. and one more important thing i had to do.....I had to file down the hole which the powercord plugs through to help it fit the cord easier. I found that without this extra room the plug wouldn't stick securely in and would pop out if I openned the Ds to its upright position.

    Well hope this helps.