Should I update my N2DS XL to the latest 11.8 firmware?

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    I've been away from the 3DS hacking scene for some time and I've been debating whether to update my N2DS XL to the latest 11.8 firmware...My N2DS XL is currently on 11.6 with latest B9S 1.3/Luma3DS 9.1 (currently unbanned AFAIK); I've checked 3dsdb and saw that currently there seems to be no games that actually require 11.8..However there is this game coming up later on this year I'm interested in playing (which I think will most likely require new firmware), but I've been hearing that Nintendo has backported their anti-piracy measures used on the switch to the 3ds with 11.8...If my N2DS somehow gets banned on 11.8, would I be unable to upgrade my N2DS's firmware normally through system settings like on the switch? I don't care about eshop/online multiplayer BTW.
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    as far as i know, updating is 100% safe, with (maybe) a cfw reinstall required (but with the resent release of frogminer, thats not a problem). HOWEVER i am new to 3ds hacking, so im not sure...
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    as long as you are fuly updated with Luma 9.1 your custom firmware will be fine.
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    its not the same on 3ds they could only implement a check (serverside) at the time of download and so the server will deny (and potentially log your console info) when you make a request to redownload a game without having bought said game . . . this change has effectively killed off freeshop and other cdn downloaders but if you never used a cdn downloader then you wont even notice the backport

    i have never herd of this happening on 3ds but even if it did there are unofficial (completely offline) ways to update the firmware
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    No, reinstalling CFW isn't necessary after updating the system version. A Luma update might be necessary, but that's done by replacing the boot.firm on the SD card.
    The only circumstance where you need to reinstall CFW is if you manually uninstall it