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Oct 30, 2012
I recently got myself a gateway 3DS and have set it up to run games on the 9.4 emunand.

However I now wish to install .cia files onto my 3DS SD card instead of having the games on the gateways micro SD card (Space issues as the card is used for multiple devices). I was searching for days about how to do this and all the info has overloaded me and I'am at the point now where I just need help, so please can someone help me.

My situation:
-I want to have the blue card working. (can this only be done on 4.5 or lower?)
-I want to have the saves from my retail cards saved. (What issues would exist if I was to downgrade?)
-I want to be able to install .cia files. (can this only be done on 4.5 or lower?)
-Should I downgrade? If so what features will I have issues with?
-would my pokemon x and a link between worlds eshop saves to the SD card no longer work after a downgrade? (saved on 8.1.0)
-Should I split my Sysnand from my Emunand? and what save issues would this cause.

I have read dozens of threads on this site and others about these issues but they just dont seem to give the answers I need.

Retail Cards include:
Mario kart 7 (NTSC-J)
Super mario 3d land (NTSC-J)
legend of zelda ocarina of time 3d (NTSC-J)
bravely default for the sequal (NTSC-J)
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