Setting up a USB hard drive

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    Oct 18, 2009
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    So i've been thinking about getting a USB external Hard drive..I got a couple of questions before i go out and buy one..First Does it matter what kind..i mean as long as its a usb hard drive right?..Also what do i do them..Put the Game images on the hard drive...hook the hard drive to my computer..Get a problem like wiiflow (i think its called) and just open them from the hard drive??am i corrrect on all this.Can someone please explain if im off so i have a better understanding..Looking at going to wal mart shortly to pick one up..thanks guys
  2. andreimoto

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    Nov 22, 2009
    first i dont clearly see what is your problem.
    if u had external hdd, so, u can format it with wbfs manager to FAT32 or WBFS formatted.
    then, u can put the ciso or wbfs to your hdd.
    after that, just picked up with usb loader (u can choose one of this, neogamma, USB loader GX, uloader, wiiflow, or configurable usb loader, etc)..

    oh yeah, u must see USB compability list at this forum before u buy one of thee hdds.