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    Which is better, easier and faster?
  2. XFlak

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    ModMii is #1!

    SetMiiUp doesn't even work without ModMii, but that being said I've heard it's okay, but not even close to being capable of all the functions ModMii can do.

    Wii guide is basically a manual process.

    Edit: admittedly I am biased, but it doesn't make me wrong!
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    like said,
    modmii is a tool which download and generate guides.
    SetMiiUp is a "GUI" for few ModMii options
    and the guide, is just another guide telling you what you have to do. last time I checked, it looked fine.

    there is also "completeSoftmod Guide" is has been fixed 2 month ago, and is good to follow for both wii and vwii, and has a lot of detailed guide for many different homebrew.

    older guides are still working ("update/hack 4.3 wii and below" from gbatemp, for example)

    there are also very easy guide posted everywhere "install hbc, and d2x base57, done", or "visit this flashhax website to install hbc" (no SD required), can't be easier or faster!
    of course, there's no "anti brick" in these quick guides, just the necessary tools : hbc, 1cIOS. that's all wiis need.
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    It does a ton more than that! But I guess if I had to describe it in 10 words or less I'd more or less agree with you. :)
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