Semi Brick 4.1U

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by DarkWarriorWario, Nov 29, 2010.

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    For 2 Days I have tried to use my Wii [System Menu 4.1U] With bootmii as Boot2 and Priiloader. And when I try to get into system menu I get System Files Are corrupt refer to manual(yeah..right)....So the first time I found out somehow my Ios 60 version Changed somehow. so I reinstalled it to V6174(it was V1674)
    and all was well..Alll I did was watch Movies Via Netflix...So it seemed to be Fixed...However when I came back next day System files are corrupt again!
    How could this happen(twice?)...Maybe My wii is getting old? Maybe its my Sd configuration...or perhaps I need to Re- Mod my wii to fix it though I am not sure that will have an effect on System Menu...Somebody Please help..I don't really need the system Menu that much its just really annoying and I realy need to fix this. Thanx Guys [​IMG]
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    did you try reinstalling your SM as well? (not just your SM IOS)....i'm pretty positive there has never has been a IOS60v1674...the only two versions are v6174 and the stubv6400.....

    alternatively, you could install IOS70 (the non stub v6687) and SM4.2U....just as good....

    after re-installing your SM, you'll need to reinstall priiloader and enable hacks as well....
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    Do you get this error after the health screen? Can you enter the maintenance menu by holding + & - at the health screen, then press a while holding?