1. Youkai

    OP Youkai Demon

    Jul 1, 2004
    Hi ppl,

    I am searching a Song name ...

    Dunno if you know it but there is a very very good song by Under17 & Funta called Gem Stone and I think there is exist an english version ... at least i think i head an english song with the same melody, so if someone know the name plz tell me.

    and I am searching as well the Gem Stone version which was used in the last Episode of Popotan (tv version) i have the long version which is great as well but i would like the tv version as well


    1. I need the name of the English song if i did not mistake it and there really exist one.

    2. I need a place to buy a CD or a pm of you with download source to get TV version of Gem Stone from Under17 & Funta


    found an example on youtube so it will be easyer for you to help me i think

    I'm pretty sure i heard a English version of it ... or at least a non Japanese one ... maybe it was German ... but i would like to know.
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