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    Jun 9, 2013
    Sorry if it has been asked before but i am about to go to the shops today to buy a new Sd card for my precious cia's.
    I want to ask you what do you suggest because the price difference in my country is huge.
    Should i buy an SD or a micro SD card and does read and write speeds matters when playing a cia?
    I know it will take longer to copy the games to sd with a lower speed card but does it actually dicreases the performance of the game ?
    Thanks in advance
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    always go with microsd because you can always use an adapter for standard sd slots but can not go the other way around(easily)
    Do NOT worry about speed of sd cards(/microsds) because they are almost always talking about write speed (if you are not doing a lot of copying and erasing(if you set it/forget it) then do not worry about speed.
    Buy good brand of microsd card from a good store(so you do NOT have to worry about counterfeits/knock offs) in a large enough size(GB) to satisfy your needs.
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