[savegame fix] Zelda - Mugen no Sunadokei

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  1. kNoCCoUt

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    Oct 22, 2003
    okay almost everytime i tried to load my save the game started a new game..

    here is how i fixed that problem:

    01. download the "ndsrominfo.zip" with the zeldafix (search nds releases forum for "evilshare")
    02. open the zip and go to the "saver" folder
    03. extract the savefile "0575.sav" into the folder where your rom is located (dont worry if its not called 0575.sav [​IMG] )
    04. rename the savefile: if your rom is called "ipt-lzel.nds" call it "ipt-lzel.sav"
    05. set no$gba to Flash 512KBytes

    How to Save:

    Click the green scroll in the left corner. Now click the the red jap symbols far left. Choose the top awnser [​IMG] game saved

    and loading does work too now [​IMG] click your name und click the top choises..

    enjoy [​IMG]
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    Nov 6, 2002
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    No one say thank you ? Ok, me first....


    I thank you for your helping and I appreciate that. Thank you! I hope in the next version it will solve the problem but for now I can enjoy this game. [​IMG] THANKS!
  3. bloodlmt

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    Nov 16, 2006
    For some reasons, i don't have any problems playing the latest zelda game using no$gba 2.4b...