Save game installer problem - CoD:WaW

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by fme008, Nov 17, 2009.

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    Aug 8, 2007
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    I found this Call of Duty World at War save on but I need the Save Game Installer to install the save.

    I have Save game Installer v2.0 and Savegame Manager v1.0.

    I have Wii 4.1u

    When I load Save game installer it gave me a black screen and nothing happens. When I use the Savegame Manager it gives me an error! ret = -106

    I use the old method of loading save game installer (save game installer + SD card + save + bannerbomb)

    What I want to know is how to make the savegame installer work on my 4.1u Wii or better yet, copy a Call of Duty World at War save into my wii.

    Any solutions?
  2. pepxl

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    Jun 19, 2009
    you need a save file to be on the NAND before savegame manager will overwrie with the new one, simply start a game wait for a checkpoint then save and exit, use savegame manager to install the save you want then you wont get -106. the error states that there isnt a save it can replace so it errors. it will happen with all games unless there is already a save the manager can overwrite with the new one

    savegame installer is outdated i wouldnt bother with that one or the extractor