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    Region locked US only. Not sure about European releases.

    Notably this features a local co-op mode ( ). Back on topic this is not an offshoot of the "of the dead" franchise (the similarity in name to similar game typing of the dead not being much of a coincidence) to cash on the music game trend (the popularity of which seems to have got itself something of a slow puncture in recent seasons).Apparently both rock band or guitar hero controllers work here ( being the source of choice for that one).
    No tracklist to speak of (the public domain sourcing much of the music) although the review above mentions it is somewhat Rob Zombie heavy.
    What reviews are out there seem to place this in the "if you have the instruments" it is a good drunken evening type game but no need to rush out and source everything for a setup.




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    i thought this would be cool, but it blows.
  3. Crass

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    Yeah dialogue from NPH doesn't save this trainwreck of a game, but makes it slightly more bearable. 2/10
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