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    Anyone else watching it? So far, I like it a lot. It has a lot of potential and this is one of the few animu that I like that uses CG. And it doesn't go overboard with the CG, either; they use it sparingly which blends the CG in really nicely. The art is beautiful, and there is practically no amount of pantsu than what you would expect when the main character is a girl riding a motorcycle.

    Because there were only pictures from the manga of RideBack (and some porn) in Google images, I took a few snapshots of episode 1 and 2 using VLC. (I'm a lazy ass, so don't expect more.)

    Here's a short summary I typed up: a young girl named Ogata Rin, daughter of a very famous ballerina, decides to quit ballerina because of a minor injury. Soon after she goes to college, she stumbles upon a garage near campus that contained a RideBack, a humanoid motorcycle, called "Fuego." (Fire in Spanish) One of the garage workers lets Rin ride on Fuego, where she rekindles her love for ballet using a RideBack

    I have to post links rather than direct images because it's in 720p and I don't think the forums would like that.

    RideBack Logo:

    Ogata Rin; the main character:

    Fuego; Rin's RideBack:

    The quality is a lot better than what is shown in the pictures. God, VLC takes awful snapshots.