ROM Hack [Release/USUM] Pokémon Star - A Fully-featured Pokémon Sun and Moon Sequel Mod


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Nov 21, 2016

Current Version : v0.2
Versions 0.1 to 0.1D currently cause a crash when encountering a wild pokemon at wela volcano park.
The second Phyco battle may bug out on his last Pokemon.

Please get the v0.2. It is the most stable version of the mod with tons of new additions.

Download Links:
For now, if anyone's still trying to play, you can get the COMPLETE POKEMON STAR ROM at that certain iso site -snip-.
Or google it. There's multiple sites that are already posting their own links for the rom.
Or contact this anonymous haxxer at discord (rusyaas#4065), or gmail [email protected]
Or don't play this shitty mod.

Useful Resources:
Wild Pokemon Location :
[v0.2] [v0.1D - v0.1E] [v0.1C]
Pokemon Evolution List : [v0.2] [v0.1D - v0.1E] [v0.1C]
Pokemon Stat : [v0.2] [v0.1D - v0.1E]
Pokemon Movesets : [v0.2]


Explore the all new Alola, now filled with Ultra Beasts and more mysteries!
Your partner this time is none other than the sweet little Lillie and the other Aether members,
who return from Kanto after a failed attempt at restoring Lusamine back to her normal self.

Lillie's starter will be the one that has a type advantage over yours, a-la classic rival style.
Her parties include Starter, Alolan Vulpix, Zeraora, (Wishiwashi/Bounsweet/Salandit), an Ultra Beast and Nebby.



Zeraora, Marshadow, UBs and many other NEW POKEMON such as Alolan Voltorb and Machamp are now available in the wild.
The mythicals now have similar stats to those of a regular Pokemon, making them not OP for regular playthrough.
All gen1-6 starters are now available at Route 1. While their second evos are available outside of Po Town.
Almost all regular Pokemon are available in the wild. And some of them, for example,
Combee, Cherubi and Wimpod, now have better movesets and stats. Oh, Cherubi is now a Grass/Fire type too.

If you'd like to know which Pokemon are added, changed, or completely removed, see list below:

New Pokemon:
new Alolan Seviper (Poison/Fairy)
Alolan Voltorb (Elec/Fire)
Alolan Electrode (Elec/Fire)
Alolan Machoke (Fighting/Dark)
Alolan Machamp (Fighting/Fire)
Harambe (Fighting/Ghost)
Ice Form Lycanroc (Ice)
Wariocorio (Poison/Flying)
Splatooneon (Poison)
Spookeon (Ghost)
Tentaquil (Bug/Psychic)
UB-Solar (Fire/Steel) - Catchable at Yellow Wormhole
UB-Lunar(Ice/Ghost) - Catchable at Red Wormhole
Ultra Rowlet, Litten...Ultra Brionne (Same Typings)
Decidueye-X (Grass/Water)
Decidueye-Y (Grass/Flying)
Decidueye-Z (Grass/Fairy)
Decidueye-EX (Grass/Dark)
Decidueye-SP (Grass/Dragon)
Incineroar-X (Fire/Grass)
Incineroar-Y (Fire/Water)
Incineroar-Z (Fire/Flying)
Incineroar-EX (Fire/Ghost)
Incineroar-SP (Fire/Dragon)
Primarina-X (Water/Electric)
Primarina-Y (Water/Grass)
Primarina-Z (Water/Ice)
Primarina-EX (Water/Dark)
Primarina-SP (Water/Dragon)
UB-Queen (Psychic)
UB-Queen Ultra Forme (Dragon/Dark)
UB-Queen Ultra Totem Forme (Dragon/Dark)

Removed Pokemon:
Rattata 1, Raticate 1, Hoothoot, Noctowl, Ledyba, Ledian, Spinarak, Ariados, Chinchurn, Lanturn, Natu, Xatu, Aibom, Ambipom, Pineco, Forretress, Snubbul, Granbul, Remoraid, Octillery, Murkrow, Honchkrow, Delibird, Dunsparce, Corphish, Crawdaunt, Luvdisc, Trubish, Garbodor, Lilliepup, Herdier, Stoutland, Shellos 2, Gastrodon 2, Lycanroc 1, Jangmo-o, Ribombee Normal Size are replaced with the '''new''' Pokemon / for cutscene purposes.

Swapped / Replaced Pokemon:
Shellos and Gastrodon are swapped with Voltorbs and Electrodes.
Rattata 2 and Raticate 2 are replaced into Rattata 1 and Raticate 1 slots for cutscene purposes.
Nihilego and Araquanid are swapped for Totem size / cutscene purposes.
Xurkitee and Togedemaru are swapped for Totem size / cutscene purposes.
Kartana and Lurantis are swapped for Totem size / cutscene purposes.
Kommo-o now replaces Jangmo-o for cutscene purposes.
Necrozma now replaces Kommo-o for Totem size / cutscene purposes.
Lunala replaces Cosmoem for cutscene purposes.
Solgaleo replaces Murkrow forcutscene purposes.
Necrozma-Lunala and Necrozma-Solgaleo now replaces regular Lunala and Solgaleo for story and cutscene purposes.

Stat/Type Changes:
Farfetch'd, Swellow, Gardevoir, Combee, Wimpod and some other Pokemon now have better stats and movesets.
Alolan Muk now learns Swallow at Level 50 for evolution purposes.
Cherrim's typing is changed into Grass/Fire. Her sunshine form is now her default form.
Poipole now learns Dragon Pulse at Level 30 and 40.
Necrozma's typing is changed into Dragon/Psychic. Regular Necrozma can use Guardian of Alola, while Totem Necrozma can use Light that Burns the Sky.
Latios, Entei, Meloetta, Zeraora and other legendaries/mythicals have reduced stats due to their availability during regular playthrough.
All UBs except for Lunalas, Solgaleos, Necrozmas, Poipole and Naganadel now have reduced stats due to their core involvement in the game.

Other Notable Changes:
Phione, the Therians and Shaymin, among others can be captured in the wild.
Various Alola Pokemon have their movesets improved.
More Pokemon learn Fire Lash.


By recreating the extreme condition in the Ultra Spaces, you can force certain Pokemon to evolve into Ultra Beasts!
These requirements are gradually informed to you as you progress through the mod, mostly by Gladion.
These Pokemon have their unique regular abilities while having Beast Boost as their HA.
Only Totem Beasts, Poipole and Naganadel still have Beast Boost as their regular abilities.

Nihilego = Tentacool + A Pokemon with Drought in your party
Ability: Protean / Limber

Buzzwole = Cutiefly + Work Up
Ability: Vital Spirit / Sheer Force

Pheromosa = Wimpod + Brick Break
Ability: Speed Boost / Emergency Exit

Xurkitree = Sudowoodo + Blush Mountain
Ability: Motor Drive / Reckless

Kartana = Fomantis + Smart Strike
Ability: Infiltrator / Hyper Cutter

Celesteela = Alolan Diglett + Flame Charge
Ability: Heatproof / Flare Boost

Guzzlord = Alolan Muk + Swallow (learnt naturally at level 50)
Ability: Gluttony / Thick Fat

Blacephalon = Alolan Electrode + Mimikyu in party
Ability: Flame Body / Aftermath

Stakataka = Magneton + Magneton
Ability: Sturdy / Analytic
Also, all Pokemons who require trades or held items to evolve now evolve mostly via level ups!
Eeevee evolves into Spookeon when levelling up while learning Shadow Ball
v0.1D+ (learnt at lv25,35 and 45).
Eeevee evolves into Splatooneon when levelling up while learning Octazooka
v0.1D+ (learnt at lv25,35 and 45).
Update: I'm an idiot. Eevee doesnt learn these in some versions. Just catch them in the wild.
Feeding Ultra Malasada to certain Pokemon will evolve it into its Totem form.
Also Carbink can now evolve into Diancie.

It's not possible to evolve
Eevee into Spookeon or Splatooneon
Rockruff to Ice Lycanroc
naturally prior to v0.1D. My mistake.

Feeding an Ultra Malasada to your starter will evolve it into its Ultra Form, which has different stat spreads, movesets and abilities.
Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina have FIVE different Ultra Forms each, which can be accesed by levelling up
while holding an Ultra Malasada or Beast Ball during daytime and nighttime.
You can simply change it back into its regular form by feeding it another Ultra Malasada.

P/S: This is a feature from Trendy Sun and Moon series.


Pikachu Valley? How about Lilliechan Valley? Sugoi onee-chan!
Check the trailer and see if you can find the rare Lollie-chan!



Many new trainers join the fight!
Kunoichi - A ninja class trainer
Kartenvoy - The guy from Ultra Forest
Spooky girl - Acerola with Emoji overdose
Shadow boy - A shadow trainer
Super Saiyan - Lysandre with yellow / red / blue hair and orange gi
Ultra Instinct - Lysandre with black hair and orange gi
Scratch Cat Girl - Elio/Selene's mom who returns to Alola to spread her cat facts
Captain David - Steel-type expert who is a good friend of Kiawe
Captain Raika - Ryuki's sister who is also from a faraway region. A Zeraora expert.
Aether Wicke - The Pokemon Professor this time
Kahuna Moon - A kahuna from an alternate Alola. Title Defense only.

Most trainers who used to have one Pokemon now have two. TWO! Wow!
Route Leaders are now replaced with Cynthia, who has different niche at each route.
Captains, Kahunas, and Elite Fours now have Ultra Beasts.



Totem Pokemon are now replaced with Totem Beasts - Ultra-sized Ultra Beasts!
And so Alola needs Ultra Captains for these TBs.

Bug Captain Guzma (Pheromosa), Poison Captain Plumeria (Nihilego),
Steel Captain David (Celesteela) and Electric Captain Raika (Xurkitree)
await your challenge!


Two of the eight Alola gyms are ready for you to challenge.
Kahili Gym in Malie and Skull Gym in Po Town!

The Pokemon Center is livelier than ever with the cute Poipole selling stuff
and the Skull grunt spouting mixtapes at the all new Skull Cafe.



The infamous Kukui Uber Ride makes an upgrade in this mod!
Professor Kukui now integrates the all new Uber Ride in Alola. As silly as it sounds,
the Ultra Recon Captain Phyco seems really interested with the idea...

Uber Rides are listed below:
Tauros -> Kukui
Stoutland -> Hala
Lapras -> Lana
v.01C /Naganadel v0.1D+
Charizard -> Celesteela
Mudsdale -> Spinda
v0.1C/The Royal v0.1D+
Sharpedo -> Guzma
Machamp -> Charizard

Some of 'em just look janky, might replace them in the future.



Lillie managed to put Lusamine in Bill's seperation machine in Kanto.
Lusamine and Nihilego were seperated, but not in the way she expected.
Lusamine now only has a portion of her body - she is now a Mini Lusamine!
And apparently suffers from amnesia...
Nihilego now has Lusamine's body, contained at the Aether Paradise.

Travel with Lillie and help recover Lusamine to her old self!
Meanwhile, Nihilego might have a plan of her own...


Ultra Recon Squad now serves as villains, replacing Team Skull for most of the parts.
Their mission is to capture all the Ultra Beasts that have been released into Alola.

Regular Dulse and Soliera are the grunts.
Commander Soliera - Leads the Sol squad. Bashful. New Fire-type Expert.
Commander Dulse - Leads the Luna squad. Calm and collected. Ice-type Expert.
Commander Zossie - The cheery commander who just dilly dallies around. UB expert.
Captain Phyco - A strict captain who would do anything to achieve his goal. Furfrou + UB expert.



In this mod, Necrozma is the first island guardian - the Guardian of Light.
As an evil approaches, the fate of the world lies in the hands of Nebby and Lusamine's Solgaleo.
You must travel to a secret Ultra Space - Ruins of Light, and go through Necrozma's trial.
Use Necrozma's light to power up your Nebby and Solgaleo!



As you progress through the game, you'll meet a peculiar duo who are trying to figure out their true origins.
They call themselves Fallers, and you agree to help their cause.
In return, Looker will give you Totem Beast/AZ-Floette at Heahea Beach.
Meanwhile, Anabel will trade some Legendary Pokemon at certain locations.

Stop the Ultra Recon Squad and figure out their true identities!



A lot of them have been modified. E4 levels remain unchanged. Some Title Defense Pokemon have different level Spoilers below:

Elite Four
Molayne -> Hau (Dragon Type)
Olivia's team now includes Stakataka.
Acerola -> Nanu (Dark Type)
Kahili -> Guzma (Bug Type)

Title Defense
Hau -> Lillie
Ryuki -> Ilima (Normal Type)
Kukui -> Wicke (Kanto theme)
Guzma -> Dulse (Ice type)
Plumeria -> Captain Raika (Electric type)
Sophocles -> Zossie (UB theme)
Lusamine -> Kahuna Moon (Lvl 100 Trendy Sun and Moon team)


Thanks to everyone who tried or attempted to try the mod, and manage to bear through all the shitty dialogues and poor optimization.
I will link the people / streamers social media so that you may watch the gameplay and follow them.

TYRANITARTUBE [YOUTUBE] // ADRIVE (Very sick intro) [YOUTUBE] // THE4THGENGAMER (The very first streamer) [YOUTUBE][TWITCH]


NEW3DSSUCHTI [TWITTER] // RAYi19 (Uber Ride and Evolution showcase) [YOUTUBE] // OCTOLINGRIFT [YOUTUBE]



As a token of appreciation for the people who watched my videos, I have put some of you as NPC's name.
For example, Trainiax and New3DsSuchti names are used for Ultra Recon Grunts.

If you'd like your name be applied into this mod, just let me know.
No one is gonna play it anyway LUL.


Screenshots and more coming soon. I'm tired. Who even plays Pokemon mod lol




For now, if anyone's still trying to play, you can get the COMPLETE POKEMON STAR ROM at that certain iso site -snip-.
Or google it. There's multiple sites that are already posting their own links for the rom.

Or contact this anonymous haxxer at discord (rusyaas#4065), or gmail [email protected]

Save Files only : [MEGA]

Pokemon Star is made using Pokemon Ultra Moon as its base!
Meant to be used with CITRA emulator for full experience.
This download contains edited GARCS, music, SAVE FILES, installation notes and some icons if you wanna make your own banner.
Just copy paste the ExtractedRomFS folder. I unpacked and repacked everything using HackingToolkit3DS. Might not work with 3DSBuilder and GodMode9.
If you dont know what youre doing, seek the tutorials around gbatemp.

A083 garc will crash the game. So dont copy paste it. But in doing so you will not see edited overworld models, environment, and wild pokemon encounter.

Rename the a083 garc to a082
This mod is using Ultra Moon as base, and version-exclusive cutscenes/dialogues/npcs are not fully edited/supported.


Alola Photo Club and Pokemon League / Hall of Fame will crash the game on some Citra builds. When you get to this part, do either of these three methods:
1) Get an unofficial build of Citra, which people like to call, Chinese build Citra
2) Use the save files provided to skip the Alola Photo Club part.
3) Using PKHeX, edit the save file, edit flag 470, change the value from 8600 to 8700
(for Alola Photo Club)


Encountering a wild Pokemon at Wela Volcano, and battling Phyco at Ruins fo Light will crash the game in all versions prior to v0.1E.
Please download the v0.1E patch.

Sorry for the bugs! Preasu understand!

v0.2 Changelog:
-Added Alolan Misdreavus and Mismagius (Ghost/Normal) Abilities: Pressure/Prankster/HA Levitate
Note1: Misdreavus and Mismagius learn slightly different moves.
Note2: Only catchable at Hauoli Cemetery, Memorial Hill and Abandoned Mart.
-Furfrou Star Trim is a Dragon type
-Furfrou Star Trim has better stats and movesets
(Has been this way since version v0.1, not mentioned because I'm an idiot)
-Furfrou Star Trim, Turtonatur and Golisopod now have special shiny version
-Silvally Type: Dark now has Ultra Arceus model and texture. Cant apply animation for whatever reason.
-Silvally Type: Fairy now has Type: Lollie texture
-Comfey retexture added.
-Fixed Finneon (Darwin) and Tentaquil texture.
-Fixed the Therians' stat reductions not properly applied.
-The Egg you receive at Paniola Ranch now hatches into a Cobalion
-Cobalion stats reduced
-Togepi, Spritzee, Swirlix and Shiinotic lines now have Misty Surge as abilities

-Fixed some trainers having Pokemon not meant for them (such as UB-Lunar, etc)
-Fixed some trainers having wrong classes
-Z-Trainer Makana at Route 3 properly changed into Cynthia
-Anabel mini event at Konikoni now has proper dialogue and team.
-Ryuki and another trainer mini event at Hano Grand Hotel now have proper dialogues and teams.
-Mina's battle model is replaced with the one from Trendy series.

-Alolan Muk can now properly evolve into Guzzlord when learning Swallow
-Regular Rockruff now evolves into Dawn Lycanroc at daytime and into Midnight Lycanroc
at nighttime.
-Special Rockruff (Ice/Rock) now evolves into Ice Lycanroc at level 25
-Wailmer evolves into Wailord at level 20 (previously 40)
-Phantump evolves into Trevenant at level 30
-Pumpkaboo evolves into Gourgeist at level 30
-Silvally can evolve into Arceus by feeding Ultra Malasada at Ultra Wormhole

-Dimensional Research Lab now displays images of a certain trainer from another world.
-Swapped the Punk trainers at Ruins of Light with a Kartenvoy and a PMC Lady.

-Abandoned Mart now have a candy battle stage
-Abandoned Mart Totem Battle and Misty Terrain now have candy batle stages

-Pokedex entries have been updated for the new Pokemon and some retextured Pokemon.
-The event at Alola Photo Club now has proper dialogue.
-More spelling fixes.
-A few trainer tips board are now changed into new pokemon and evolution tips.
-More dialogue edits for Skull Cafe.
-End credits now display tools used for the creation of the mod, awards for certain
players and story endings.
-Included a disclaimer for crash at Alola Photo Club and in the Pokemon League.

-Fixed various strong Pokemon being available at Route 1 and Melemele Sea Fishing spots.
-Marshadow added to Hauoli Cemetery
-Cherubi added to Paniola Ranch
-Sudowoodo added to Route 12 and Blush Mountain
-More Magnetons added to Mount Hokulani
-Alolan Muk added to Poni Wilds
-More variety of Pokemon at Mount Lanakila
-Various wild encounter and SOS additions

-Fixed Pheromosa in Lush Jungle trial

Past Changelogs:
BASE v0.1 (1.16gb): - Removed by staff -
UPDATE v0.1E (11.6 mb): - Removed by staff -
UPDATE v0.1D (245.3mb): - Removed by staff -
UPDATE v0.1D + v0.1E (255.5mb): - Removed by staff -
-Fixed Phyco's team causing a bug during the battle at Ruins of Light. Naganadel is removed.
-Fixed encountering a wild Pokemon causing a crash at Wela Volcano Park.
-Added Alolan Seviper. Poison/Fairy (Fairy Aura/HA Intimidate)
-Necrozma can now Mega Evolve into Totem Necrozma.
-Looker now gives you AZ-Floette as the final gift. (Previously Totem Necrozma in v0.1C)
-Lowered Landorus, Thundurus, Tornadus, Shaymin and Victini stats.
-Lowered Naganadel and Guzzlord's stats.
-Poipole now learns an additional Dragon Pulse at level 30.
-Fixed UB-Solar's wrong typings.
-Swellow, Linoone and Gardevoir now have better stats and movesets.
-Minor stat and moveset adjustments to some Pokemon.

-Landorus, Thundurus, Tornadus, Shaymin and Victini are now available in the wild. Check the doc.
\\Shaymin (Malie Garden mostly), Therians (Haina Desert mostly)
-'New' Pokemon now appear much more often in the wild.
-Wild Eevee now may be holding a Beast Ball.
-UB Lunar is now catchable at Red Wormhole (Cliffside)
-UB Solar is now catchacle at Yellow Wormhole (Cave)

-At Mahalo Trail, Lunala battle is now changed to UB-Lunar battle. However, currently not accessible (on purpose) LUL.

-Cutiefly can now evolve into Buzzwole properly.
-Eevee can now evolve into Spookeon/Splatooneon properly (by levelling up with Shadow Ball or Octazooka).
-Cutiefly now evolves into Totem Ribombee instead of regular Ribombee.
-Eevee now learns Shadow Ball and Octazooka at level 15, 25, 35 and 45.
-Yungoos, Cubone, Female Salandit, Charjabug, Mimikyu can now evolve into their Totem Form by feeding Ultra Malasada. The other Totem forms are either removed or already present in default forms due to some needed adjustment.
-UB-Queen can now be obtained through an undisclosed evolution method. Hint is given after capturing Necrozma at Mount Lanakila.

-Male trainer no longer wears his default bag.
-Added Lillie Shirt. Acquired after getting all the right answers in Lillie Oneechan Quiz at Lillie Valley.
-Added Gardevoir shirt.
-Added Pewdiepie shirt.
-Added Sonic shirt.
-Added various shirts to appreciate all the parties that were involved with Pokemon Star.

-Reduced the HP EVs of all Hala's Pokemon during Grand Trial Battle (From 252 to 152).
-Lillie now only has Nebby during Batle Royal (insta lose lol)
-Major adjustments to Dulse, Soliera and Phyco's team.
-Gladion's Lucario now Mega Evolves during the battle at Lanakila.
-Some Skull Grunts at Skull Gym now have their own names.

-Continue screen now displays current version number and a kawaii (0v0) greeting.
-Fixed Poipole spelling and various grammatical/spelling errors.
-Wicke and Lillie now tell you that Ultra Malasada can only be bought at Malasada Shop. (Since Ultra Malasada are not available at PMC. Was intended...)
-Changed the part where you tell Looker you're Anabel's child. (Outdated text).
-Lillie Oneechan Quiz now have proper questions. Lillie Shirt is now in the game.
-Changed the text for Nurse Joy and Fangirl event.
-Changed the text for friendship checker.
-Changed the text for Pokemon Fan Club.

-Hau'oli Pokemon Centre now has the correct models at Poipole Mart and Skull Cafe.
-Konikoni now has more variety of models.
-Pokemon Fan Club is changed to Lillie Fan Club.

-Changed Lana Uber Ride to Naganadel.
-Changed Spinda Uber Ride to Royal.
-Fixed Lillie's team at Route 3

-Fixed Starter evolutions to Ultra Forms not implemented properly
-Tentacool can evolve into Nihilego with Cherrim or Cherubi in the party (since Cherrim now has Drought)

-Ultra Malasada can now be consumed for evolution purposes.
-Adjusted a few strings related to Ultra Malasada

-Added Torkoal to Paniola Ranch. Useful to evolve Tentacool into Nihilego right after Gladion tells you about the evo method.
-Adjusted various wild Pokemon at Memorial Hill.

1. How far does this mod cover?

It covers almost all the story/trainers/battles until vs champion and title defense.
Postgame UB-catching, Rainbow Rocket, Battle Tree/Royal/Agency remain unchanged.
There are plans to turn them into Smogon-tier facility, but unlikely for now.

Some sidequests have been changed too. For example, The Vulpix and Team Skull sidequest
is now replaced with Litten and Scratch Cat Lady.

I might have forgotten to fully mod some trainers and dialogues.
Please inform me if you find any errors during your regular playthrough.

2. Console users cant really use the a083 garc? No workaround?

Yep. A083 garc just crashes on console. No workaround that I know of.

3. Hey, this [particular area] is super laggy on Citra.

Cant do nothing. Its just how emulator and cpus / gpus work.

4. Hey, can I do anything to improve this mod?

Why thanks, random stranger. Just inform any error you find or suggest a better dialogue that you have in mind.I also need
>Mixtape lyrics for the Skull Cafe. Just two lines long.
>A feed on top of Poipole Mart, so each PMC has different feed.
>The picture on the floor of PMC. Different pic for each PMC.

5. There's yellow rays of lights on my screen! What do?

Change the resolution or swap screens in Citra's settings. That should fix it.

5. My Eevee doesnt learn Octazooka or Shadow Ball what to do?

I'm an idiot. Just pkhex the moves or catch them in the wild sorry.


pk3DS - Kaphotics, SciresM, KazoWAR, Firefly, Drayano, magical, ProjectPokemon community
HackingToolkit3DS - @Asia81
Ohana3DS - gdkchan - for providing me the encessary tutorials to mod the game.
@Rosieplier - for making this thread for easy reference
Citra - for easy testing and emulating
Everyone who watched my videos, followed my Trendy Sun and Moon series.

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Mar 6, 2016
Ooh! I was talking about this with friend just today, and the lack of mods for the newer releases aside from harder modifications. Cool!
Last edited by Yuuyuun,


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Nov 21, 2016
Oh damn, this looks really co-
"Replacing Team Skull"
View attachment 112218
I mean, to what extent?
From hauoli all the way up to that last battle at poni, except po town. Just a shitty mod dont think too much bout it.

Will this be available as a pre-patched CIA on "that ISO site?"​
Probably. Eventually.
It's basically useless on console as most edits can't be used.

Yes this is true. If some random passerby is reading this comment, consoles definitely cant use the modded a083 / a082 garc. But everything else probably work. Who knows. Who even play pokemon mods lul


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Oct 2, 2015
United Kingdom
Quite a lot of significant changes based on the trailer, a shame you can't experience the full mod on actual hardware.


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Jan 27, 2018
United States
i am so new to this...

anyway, i since i don't know a single thing about how i'm supposed to get the .7z download to work (i unzipped it, then what???)
wondering if when it's up as a pre-patched CIA on that "ISO site" that was mentioned in another person's post if you could send me the link because i'm only good with GBA roms and such...
also wanna do a nuzlocke on my YT channel so yeah :L

Deleted User

Will be nice is it gets patched for console use. Thanks for all of the work so far.


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Jan 19, 2016
United States
This looks really promising to me. It looks like this was developed with an idea in mind, the idea was set out to be fulfilled, and the dev happened to be new to this and laughed themself to death with things like Lillie Valley while learning the tools
Good luck ^^
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    xiaomi routers are pretty good
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    I love how Amazon has 50% off on trash bags but the size of my trash can
    K3N1 @ K3N1: I love how Amazon has 50% off on trash bags but the size of my trash can