Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

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    Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
    A game for sissies or something more?


    Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
    Platform: Nintendo DS
    Releases: JP June 6, 2008
    NA September 23, 2008
    Genre: Role- playing game

    “...The songs that I have sung,
    echo in the distance…”

    ..or how the musical part of the game gets half the applauses.
    Maybe, most of you have never heard of this one. It is a remake of a PS game, only the battle system is different(about that later). Looking at the title and the cover you’re saying something like “What, is this guy joking, this is a girly game!”. Read on and you will eventually understand that this jrpg(yes, it’s a role-playing game!!!) is as awesome as the website I’m writing this review for.

    “Help, I need somebody,
    help, not just anybody…”

    The main character is a poor orphan girl called Cornet, living with her grandfather. She accidentally fells in love with the prince of the local kingdom. Unfortunately, he is captured by an evil witch with a little problem with the pride, who also loves the prince. Or at least thinks so.
    Other main character is Kururu, a cute doll, “the secret hero of the story” as she says for herself. In the Marl Kingdom world(where the game is taking place) there are different living dolls and rarely people who can actually talk with them, like Cornet. All the dialogues and the plot development are filled with many jokes and humor in the Disgaea style. On some moments, I caught myself laughing on voice.
    In some parts of the story, there are songs that the characters perform. All of them are great, well made with tons of humor. Although they are in Japanese, they are good for the ears. The English subtitles are well timed. A great feature is that you can listen them later(I’m doing it regulary), when you unlock them.

    “Now you can play a queen
    on a hill built on a dream…”

    So, you go around, talk to people in the towns and collect useful info on the main quest. Or the side quests, which I recommend you do, the game is short even with them(to complete it you need approximately 10h). To get from town A to town B, or dungeon C, you a have a map of the world, where you point the place you want to visit. Your party is made of four characters – your main hero and three other dolls. You can manually select which party member should participate in combat and gain exp. Different dolls have different attributes, stats and magic. You find them through the game, and the side quests are always involved with such ones. When you are outside town, at random some monsters attack you. Then the battle screen starts. The battle system is turn-based, on the original game it was strategy-RPG style. Here you appoint each of your party members what to do – attack, use magic or items, or escape from the battle. Pretty innovative for a jrpg, huh?
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Graphics and Sound:
    “I got a certain little girl she's on my mind
    No doubt about it she looks so fine”

    Everything in this game is beautiful, from the characters to the environment. The music in this game is the best part. What did you thought? From the amazing music performances to the soundtrack, everything fits perfectly. Some of the magic attacks doesn’t sound quite well, but these are small problems in a perfect game.

    “Oooh it's a killing machine
    It's got everything”

    A short JRPG, that fits just in place. You can finish it in a single breath. And no, it is not a game only for girls. I really enjoyed playing it and I don’t regret it. Play it and see for yourself.

    Story/Plot – 7/10
    Gameplay – 8/10
    Graphics – 9/10
    Sounds and Music – 10/10
    Overall - 8/10
    Quotes are from different songs of Deep Purple.
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    Well that's better than Sonic Chronicles that's for sure!