Retroarch MAME bugs/issues?

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    So I am using Retroarch MAME 2000 (for speed). I have some issues with it. I can load a ROM but when I load another one it just loads the previous ROM. The only way to get it to play a different ROM is to completely exit and re-load. That is rather time consuming. Is this a common bug or is it something odd with my setup?

    Also samples don't work. Standard MAME looks for them in the "samples" dir in their standard dir setup. Is there something different here?

    Some other issues: I can't set ROM paths specific to each core (tried core over ride, no worky). For example if I set the ROM path to my Lynx directory while in the Lynx core when I load the Genesis core it defaults to the lynx directory too! (and if I set the dir to genesis it goes to the genesis dir when I load the Lynx emu). Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I mean why wouldn't it let you set ROM paths for each emu? That is only logical right (and saves a lot of scrolling and drilling down to each ROM dir).

    Question: can MAME games be played in rotate mode? Stuff like Galaga is 3:4 orientation, It would be nice to use the full Vita screen in portrait mode rather than looking at a tiny strip in the center of the screen.

    How do you get to the MAME dip switch menu to set difficulty, controls, etc?
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