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    Well I am annoyed like hell right now. Me and my brother had the idea of connecting the iPod in with the TV. So we got a composite cable from BestBuy. When we tried connecting it the audio was successful but it wasn't showing video. Now thinking the cable was at fault we returned it. Later I find out about resupport so I felt stupid giving back what I needed in the first place. Anyways my brother got a iPod dock which comes with all the cables to connect to a tv so that's composite and s cables right there. Anyways he tried it without me. I then tried to get resupported. I went to Cydia and did as instructed. Our iPod is a 3rd generation and it runs on iOS4. As such I downloaded resupported4. Now I connected everything back again. This time matters were worse. Now the audio didn't connect. Resupport had no instructions with it and I don't know what the fuck to do. The resupport has two settings. Status and type of cable such as composite or s cables. Anyways I think the problem lies with the status but it keeps saying unknown and every time we take the connection off the settings freezes up and we have to reboot the iPod. I am stresses out along with my brother but I think it's because of what he got. Dumbass got a fucking expensive dock connector when all he needed was a composite cable. Situation went downhill so far. Resupported was only successful at removing the only thing that worked.

    Please help me before my dumbass of a bro returns this shit.
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    What the hell is resupported? Try TVout2.
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    I'd say you're well within your rights to return the products. The product is no longer supported by the iPod firmware and they have done nothing to tell you otherwise so you can get a full refund and try and find a supported one (then again for all I know the only supported cables now are the official Apple cables which would be complete bullshit)

    Edit: Re-read that bit at the bottom and adding this: Your brother is NOT a dumbass for not wanting to jump through hoops to try and get TV-Out to work on his iPod. Any company selling these unsupported products should make it clear it isn't supported by later firmwares or, better yet, not be selling them at all and only sell cables which work. Imagine you weren't a person who knew anything about jailbreaking. You've just been ripped off and sold a piece of kit which doesn't work with no idea that it didn't work.