Resident Evil 4 Remake got 7 new unnamed achievements listed on Steam, hinting at possible new content

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The Capcom Spotlight live stream event went by without a mention of anything related to new content for the Resident Evil 4 Remake, outside of the announcement of VR for it. While this left many Resident Evil fans bummed without knowing if extra content will be coming to RE4 or not, a new discovery could give a glimpse on it.

Many users online have been reporting that a whole set of new achievements were spotted under the Achievements list of Resident Evil 4 Remake on Steam. While new achievements were added, they all seem to have dummy names, only being listed as 40-en, 41-en, etc. all the way up to 46-en, making it 7 new achievements for the title. The image seen above was taken right from my own Steam account, in the Steam page for Resident Evil 4, under the full list of achievements for the title. Those curious can also see for themselves by visiting the Resident Evil 4 Achievements List on Steam directly to confirm.

While this is no confirmation by itself, it is certainly possible that new content could soon be announced and coming to the title, as many have been eagerly awaiting for a DLC that could add the "Separate Ways" side campaign, as well as Ada and Wesker to The Mercenaries, as the original RE4 did back when it was ported from the Gamecube to the PlayStation 2 as additional content. The rumours have also gotten stronger since some months ago, dataminers were able to dig out a dummy main menu entry reading "Another Order" in Japanese, which was the Japanese title for the Separate Ways campaign. All of this seems to lead to the possibility of upcoming new content, but it all remains as rumours so far.

What's a given is that the new achievements are listed in Steam, still under dummy names.
It remains to be seen if these new achievements were a fluke or if indeed this is a hint of new content to come.

:arrow: Resident Evil 4 Achivement List on Steam


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Most likely they are, I think I read somewhere that the PS VR2 is gonna be compatible with PC, if that's the case then they most likely will add this VR for RE4 on Steam.
Capcom, if you do this for us, even if you charge for it instead of making it a free update, I'll buy it AND the pointless battle pass for Street Fighter 6. Hell, I'll even buy Exoprimal, and that looks like hot garbage.

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