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Nov 27, 2015
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I've been in this community since downgrading from 10.3 to 9.2 became real (that's about 8 months, I suppose?). During this time I've installed countless games and homebrews on my emunand, which later became sysnand, thanks to a9lh. I did never reset my system to default settings since I bought my console.
You see, all that time I didn't know about tickets. I learned about them not very long time ago. It was when installing tickets in your system became popular; when ciangel, shameless and similar apps became avaliable.
Now, what's the point of this request thread, you may ask... I accidently understood that tickets are usually not deleted when you delete certain app. I understood that these nasty tickets actually stay in your nand for eternity, until you do reset in system settings. That fact made me feel quite uncomfortable, thanks to my OCD. I mean, I have hundrens of unused tickets in my nand and I can't remove them even if I wanted to.
Well, there's FBI which prompts you to delete ticket of certain app when you delete this very app. But what can I do about other tickets of old apps, which I deleted through system settings? Yeah, I can check tickets 1 by 1 and delete unused ones, but it will take eternity to finish.
Now, about my request. I ask you to make tool which shows which ticket applies to certain app. If there're tickets without apps - this tool tells you about that and prompts you to delete it.
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