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    Jan 4, 2015
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    I'd like to replace the HDD in my PS3phat. I've already bought a new hard drive and was wondering if I can just copy all the contents of my original hard drive to my PC via FTP and then copy them back once I've installed the new hard drive. Would all my saved games and packages stay intact this way or would I need to reinstall them?
  2. LameNobody

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    Jan 23, 2015

    When upgrading my HDD i used the ps3 backup function and the new hd plugged into the usb
    Plug new hdd into ps3 usb port
    backup all hdd content to new hdd
    take out current ps3 hdd (the old one)
    format old ps3 hdd in pc (to fat32)
    take both devices and copy all the backed up folders from the new hard drive over to the one you have formatted
    insert new ps3 drive into the ps3 console
    plug the old ps3 drive (the one you transferred all the backup files to) into the usb
    go to the restore hdd function and it should put all the old ps3 files on the new hdd you installed

    if i missed a step it would be re-installing your cfw on the new hdd before the restore process
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