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    (Version 1.1)
    (Version 1.2 coming eventually)

    • A while back, user Shrinefox made a mod attempting to restore the original soundtrack for BiS, but it went unfinished. Inspired by their efforts, I set out to do this task justice. Every track from the original DS version has been painstakingly converted to work and loop properly in BIS DX, along with all of the original voice clips that were so badly misused in BIS DX. If you're like me and can't stand what the remake did to the sound, then this is for you.

      All the music was taken from
      SmashCustomMusic, using their loops. The DS voice clips come courtesy of The Sounds Resource. As an added bonus, I've thrown in an optional remix of the final boss theme, arranged by SypherAP!

      In addition, a cheats.txt file has been included for those running Rosalina, containing codes for playing the game on New3DS/Citra in 60fps, courtesy of the
      60 FPS Patches thread. Please note that this cheat is highly unstable on console, capable of crashing at any scene transition, and speeding up certain attacks, so use at your own risk. Turn off 60fps before starting giant battles and the credits. Seems to work perfectly on Citra, however.
    • Released. Has been tested for the entire game. There's a chance I may have overlooked something, somewhere.

      This has only been tested on version 1.2. I have no idea how it might work on earlier versions.
    • v.1.1
      -Fixed several incorrect voicelines. Thanks, Alphadream.
      -Updated 60fps code (should crash far less often).
      -Initial release.
    • If you're using Luma3ds 8.0 (Rosalina):
      Hold Select while booting your 3DS and enable game patching in the Luma configuration menu.
      On your SD card, merge the
      luma folder (and its contents) from the ZIP with your luma folder.
      If your copy of the game is a different region, change the directory name inside \luma\titles to
      the titleid of your copy. (e.g. 00040000001D1400)
      Insert your SD card, restart the system, and changes should take place when you launch the game!

      If you're using
      Extract the Romfs file of the game. There are several ways to do this.
      e.g. if you have
      GodMode9, mount a decrypted CIA of the game, go to the newly mounted partition and copy the romfs folder structure to the \gm9out directory on your SD card.
      OR use a homebrew like
      braindump to dump it as a bin file which you can then extract.

      If you're using
      Download the 3DS .NET Toolkit EXE from the release page and use it to extract your Decrypted CCI/.3DS ROM of the game.
      Replace the files in the extracted Romfs directory with the ones from the zip and rebuild the .3DS file.
      Then you can run it in Citra.

      If you're using
      Note: Enable game patching in Luma's config menu, and if using a New 3DS, set New 3DS CPU to Clock+L2.

      1.) For 3ds using Latest Luma CFW =

      2.) For 3ds using
      CTRPF Action Replay Plugin =
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    Hey man, I'm having trouble getting the patch to work, there's no luma folder from the download.
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    Ah, I screwed up and didn't include the correct folders.

    I'll fix this in 1.2. For now, inside your Luma folder, make a "titles" folder, then inside that, a folder with the title "00040000001D1400" and dump the contents in there.
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    Hmm, I can't seem to make it work. Game patching is enabled, running EUR CIA (with the proper folder name in titles) and both updates installed.

    /luma/titles/00040000001D1500 is the directory where I pasted romfs folder + cheats.txt.
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