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    "But hasn't it already been posted somewhere... ?" - everyone currently reading this post

    Dear GBAtemp community, I present to you the

    Simple 3DS GBA Banner + Icon generator
    It guesses the game of the GBA ROM and generates the icon and banners for you !

    The process of creating a GBA CIA is almost as simple as it seems. Everything is straightforward, except for one thing : the images. It's quite painful to have to take out GIMP and make those banners. I personnaly gave up (the Fire Emblem default images aren't that bad after all).

    This is where this software comes on stage : it's a software which allows you to generate the images from any ROM. Yes, it's automatic. No need to search for the images on Google, no need to pull out GIMP (get back there you filthy monkey). There is no hidden defect : you just have to select the ROM and let the magic of computer engineering get those PNGs for you.

    Now, the process is really straightforward :
    1. Get a ROM freshly harvested from your cartridges farm
    2. Put the ROM in the Simple 3DS GBA Banner + Icon Generator
    3. Put the ROM in the Footer Generator
    4. Put everything in the CIA Generator
    5. Install the CIA, play!
    (if someone can give me CLI versions of the footer & cia generators, I could do a all-in-one software)

    Here is what it looks like :


    But how does it work ?

    It's actually pretty simple. It first identifies the game of the ROM using the no-info dat-o-matic database. It's basically a huge collection of more than 2k5 GBA games. Then, the software downloads the image from the libretro's thumbnails database. It's also a huge collection, but of images this time. Then, the Image Fairies combines all this to generate the wonderful images that you can see up there, using their Magical Pen to write the game name to the banner.

    How do I use it ?
    1. Give the ROM to the software
    2. Let the magic occur
    3. Click on the save button
    4. Done
    Where do I download this ?

    Look for the attachments !
    Hint : extract the whole thing, dont forget the DLL and TTF or it won't work
    Hint² : if you don't like the font, just change the TTF (but don't rename it, you know what I mean)

    VirusTotal scan for v1.0 : https://www.virustotal.com/fr/file/...f698a40cf6d04bb2c9e6cdbd/analysis/1469447855/

    • 1.0 - First release
    Known issues

    None yet, I'm waiting for your feedbacks !

    Improvements ?

    Let me know if any of you guys want this, I'll try to add these features.
    • A all-in-one software to create the footer, the banners and the CIA by clicking on one single button (I need CLI versions of others software for that)
    • Ability to change the game text on the banner (because Legend of Zelda, The - The Minish Cap is useful but not pretty)

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    This is nice, but I'd rather retrieve the images myself
    also paint.net > gimp
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    Windows Defender immediately identifies the archive as containing Trojan:Win32/Spursint.A!cl

    False positive?
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    Dec 1, 2012
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    With Rem
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    Dec 1, 2012
    I would love to make a big one-button software like :
    1. Load the ROM
    2. Preview the icon & banners
    3. Choose a color filter or keep the default one
    4. Save the CIA
    But for this I would need command line versions of the GBA Footer & GBA CIA Generator so that I can use them internally. Or an explanation of how they work so that I can "reproduce" and improve them in my program.