(Release) Math Ninja 2 [HACK]

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    You don't wanna know. :P
    Here we go.

    My hack I was developing with my Jailbroken iPad 1, now officially released.


    Basically, its some hack in which modifies only the storyline and music and the final boss. It's maybe feels like a "Two", but I don't know that for sure.


    Some graphics are made fitted for iPad 1 and iPod Touch 3, so some graphics MAY BY SMALL OR LARGE, DEPENDING ON THE DEVICE!


    - A clean paid version of Math Ninja, NOT THE FREE VERSION (I think it's $1.99)!
    - Some file explorer fit for iDevices (iFile/iFunbox/Other)

    Click here to download


    NOTE: Since there is no patching utility available, THIS METHOD CAN REPLACE MATH NINJA UNLESS MAKING AN IPA FILE FIRST!

    1. Unzip Math Ninja 2.zip after downloading
    2. Copy everything inside the folder.
    3. Paste it to /var/mobile/Applications/MathJutsu.app/(I don't know the main game directory)
    4. It will ask you to overwrite, MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP THE APP BEFORE DOING SO!
    5. Math Ninja will be replaced with Math Ninja 2. Open and Enjoy!


    Some music has been by Nintendo, the EarthBound Halloween Hack creator, and the original creators of Math Ninja themself.

    Pictures, storyline, all done my Spencer Everly.
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