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Dec 3, 2004
This has been in so called 'alpha' for a long time, while growing an actual user base (right @Shadowtrance ? ;)). In fact this has been tested enough, and it should be rock solid by this time (read the thingy about challenge below). So Im releasing to you today...

All Access File Browser

Current public version: v2.1.1
GodMode9 v2.1.1
What's new:
  • [improved] Improved installation of DSiWare games (thanks @Epicpkmn11)
  • [scripting] Faster script loading as well as other improvements and fixes (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [fixed] Fixed a nasty bug when trimming certain DS cart dumps
  • [fixed] Some smaller bugfixes and general code maintenance
GodMode9 v2.1.0
What's new:
  • [new] Unicode support, including a special Unicode font created for GodMode9 (@Epicpkmn11)
  • [new] Support for mounting certs.db, including improvement of certs handling (@luigoalma)
  • [new] Support for SHA-1 checksums (@aspargas2)
  • [new] Raw cart dumper, accessible via R+A on cart drive
  • [improved] Wider support for flash chips on carts, including ir (@dratini0)
  • [scripting] SDSIZE, SDFREE and NANDFREE global variables
  • [scripting] Added cartdump command
  • [fixed] Numerous bugfixes and small improvements, too many to list
GodMode9 v2.0.0
What's new:
  • [new] Completely revamped title info, with special info for installed titles, TMDs and CIAs
  • [new] Initial CARD2 save read support for carts (thanks @dratini0!)
  • [improved] Title manager now includes a ticket dumper
  • [improved] Release ntrboot FIRMs now include scripts (thanks @gholms)
  • [improved] Software keyboard now includes firstrun instructions
  • [improved/fixed] Various smaller visual improvements and bugfixes

GodMode9 v1.9.3pre1
What's new:
  • [new] Completely rewritten MCU event handler (fixes a lot of stuff) (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [new] Ability to install, build CIA from, verify, identify DSi CDN content (read below)
  • [new] Title manager available via HOME menu (read below)
  • [new] NDS carts can be dumped with secure area encrypted (thanks @mariomadproductions for testing)
  • [new] Gamecart drive G:/ now includes an info text file (thanks @GerbilSoft)
  • [new] Tickets can now be verified, installed and identified
  • [new] Trimming functionality for GBA rom dumps
  • [improved] Improved title info functionality, now compatible with more files
  • [improved] Several improvements to the GM9 MegaScript (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [improved] Several improvements to the game image installer
  • [improved] Improved CIA builder, with stricter checks for legit builds
  • [improved] Better handling of special cases in cart dumper (thanks @GerbilSoft)
  • [fixed] Proper seed handling when installing game images to the system
  • [fixed] Countless smaller fixes and improvements, too many to list
  • [scripting] 'install' command for installing game images to system
  • [scripting] Quotes can be escaped (\") in variables

GodMode9 v1.9.2pre1
What's new:
  • [new] Mount support for title.db (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [new] Support for handling variable sized tickets (thanks @luigoalma)
  • [improved] Proper mount support for ticket.db (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [improved] Various improvements to the CIA builder, mostly for CIA from NCSD
  • [improved] Tons of small performance improvements (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [improved] Much smaller firm size (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [fixed] Fixed screen init (for real this time!) (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [fixed] Tons of small bug fixes
  • [preview] Possibility to install NCCH, NCSD (.3DS), DSiWare NDS, CIA, NUS/CDN to the system

GodMode9 v1.9.1
What's new:
  • [new] On verification, offer fixing for badly decrypted NCCH/NCSD
  • [improved] Much faster scrolling speeds in wordwrapped text view
  • [improved] Largely improved method of GBA VC save injection (thanks @TurdPooCharger)
  • [fixed] Fixed the .BPS code in scripting (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [fixed] Fixed a crash in the DISA/DIFF handling code (thanks @aspargas2)
  • [fixed] Actually allow decrypting N3DS NATIVE_FIRM on O3DS
  • [fixed] Last search drive is back again
  • [fixed] Cart drive checking (don't show empty when it isn't
  • [fixed] Notification light handling

GodMode9 v1.9.0
What's new:
  • [new] Touchscreen support, used for keyboard (manual calibration is possible, but not required)
  • [new] LED support, signaling finished operations when the shell is closed
  • [new] Detecting shell opened/closed, turn off display to save battery
  • [new] Brightness configuration (in HOME menu)
  • [new] Support for mounting, reading and writing DISA and DIFF (.db) files (thanks @aspargas2!)
  • [new] Allow setting attributes for directories
  • [new] Read and write support for gamecart saves (thanks @dratini0)
  • [improved] Completely rewritten ARM11 core
  • [improved] Countless under-the-hood improvements thanks to @Wolfvak
  • [fixed] A metric fuckton of bugfixes (quoting @Wolfvak here)
  • [scripting] Allow game icons as preview

GodMode9 v1.8.0
What's new:
  • [new] CIA Checker tool gives insights into any CIA file provided
  • [new] DSiWare NDS files can be converted to CIA
  • [new] Offer fixing for BOSS files on failed verification
  • [improved] Switched from Thumb to ARM and enabled LTO (may or may not improve performance)
  • [improved] Full verification for RomFS inside NCCH
  • [improved] Added a prompt when building CIA with a private legit ticket
  • [improved] Cart id and type is shown on gamecart drive
  • [improved] Number of explorer panes increased to 3
  • [fixed] Proper verification of CFA images (also fixes NCSD verification)
  • [fixed] Proper handling for incomplete DLC CIAs
  • [fixed] Some minor bugs in the GM9 Megascript (thanks @annson24)
  • [fixed] Countless other minor bug fixes and improvements
  • [special] Special anniversary edition splash screen
  • [scripting] textview command for viewing text files
  • [scripting] dumptxt command for dumping text to a file
  • [scripting] extrcode and cmprcode commands (to extract and compress .code, thanks @Hyarion-SS )
  • [scripting] cp -p allows appending a file to another (thanks @Hyarion-SS)
  • [scripting] filesel -x and dirsel -x enable a new file selector style (thanks @windows-server-2003)

GodMode9 v1.7.1
What's new:
  • [new] Fonts can be set as default (find some compatible fonts here)
  • [improved] Trimmer tool now also works in batch, for multiple files at once
  • [fixed] NANDmanager.gm9 script working again (thanks @TheGinGear)

GodMode9 v1.7.0
What's new:
  • [new] NANDmanager.gm9 script by @MadScript77 - replaces the old NAND backup / restore scripts
  • [new] GM9Megascript.gm9 script by @annson24 included in the official repo
  • [new] Trimmer tool for FIRMs, NAND images, NDS images, NCCH and NCSD
  • [new] SD formatter tool can now set up multi RedNANDs
  • [improved] Faster SD read / write speeds, courtesy of @profi200's new sdmmc.c driver
  • [improved] Cleaned up internal readme (thanks @DMSalesman)
  • [fixed] Dumping DLCs to CIA (thanks @Steveice10)
  • [fixed] Don't copy card2 savedata when dumping card2 cartridges
  • [fixed] Added a workaround for handling SHIFT-JIS in mounted NDS images
  • [fixed] A whole batch of minor fixes, a lot of them thanks to @windows-server-2003
  • [scripting] support for ips, bps, bpm patches via applyips, applybps, applybpm commands (thanks @Hyarion-SS!)
  • [scripting] fgetand fset commands (to read / write bytes from a file)
  • [scripting] sdump command (allows dumping encTitleKeys.bin, decTitleKeys.bin, seeddb.bin
  • [scripting] keychk command (to allow checking for user input)
  • [scripting] nextemu command and EMUBASE env var (allows checking and setting the current EmuNAND
  • [scripting] labelsel -k allows jumping to labels via a keypress

GodMode9 v1.6.3
What's new:
  • [new] Support for PNG (for splashes, script previews, screenshots) (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [new] Display the SD FAT volume label in the drives listing
  • [fixed] Several smaller bugfixes and improvements
  • [deprecated] Deprecated PCX support in favor of PNG

GodMode9 v1.6.2
What's new:
  • [new] Unhappy accidents (just joking, nothing bad will happen)
  • [fixed] Browsing TADs works again and does not cause exceptions (thanks @knight-ryu12 for the find)
  • [fixed] Crashes when running H&S injected homebrew (thanks @TurdPooCharger and @annson24)
  • [misc] Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

GodMode9 v1.6.1
What's new:
  • [new] Override the default font via 0:/gm9/support/font.pbm or 1:/gm9/support/font.pbm
  • [new] Use full FCRAM for RAM drive on N3DS (thanks @profi200 and @Wolfvak)
  • [improved] Screenshots can be taken almost everywhere and have a date/time based name
  • [fixed] Disable writing to write-locked SD cards (thanks @windows-server-2003)
  • [fixed] Proper handling of UTF-8 filenames

GodMode9 v1.6.0
What's new:
  • [new] PCX bitmap viewer
  • [new] Extracting data partition for DIFF files
  • [improved] Improved ticket.db parser, only output verified titlekeys / tickets
  • [improved] Revised font system, now allowing to switch font in runtime (1)
  • [improved] Improved handling for batch operations
  • [improved] Improved titlekey and NCCH seed extractor
  • [fixed] Compatibility with CIAs containing >= 256 contents
  • [fixed] No more crashes caused by malformed CIAs
  • [fixed] Detecting CDN/NUS downloads
  • [scripting] ntrboot detection via $[HAX] env var
  • [scripting] dirsel command (works like filesel)
  • [scripting] isdir and exist commands (useful with if)
  • [scripting] for command, also works recursively
  • [deprecated] XORpad drive and ncchinfo.bin XORpad generator (2)

GodMode9 v1.5.1
What's new:
  • [fixed] Building proper CIAs from 3DS files
  • [scripting] New HelloBranching.gm9 sample script by @Kazuma77
  • [scripting] New strrep, fdummy and fill commands
  • [scripting] New not command (best used as in if not ..., elif not ...)
  • [scripting] filesel command now also allows browsing dirs

GodMode9 v1.5.0
What's new:
  • [new] Full support for DSiWare Exports / .TAD files (thanks @ihaveamac for help)
  • [new] Limited .GBA rom image support (title info / renaming)
  • [new] Title info support for a .3DSX
  • [new] File attribute editor (thanks @angelsl)
  • [new] aeskeydb.bin can be installed to NAND, eliminating the need to have it on the SD card
  • [improved] Improved string input tool, now with alphabet preview
  • [improved] Write permission unlocker now uses random button sequences
  • [improved] PCX support for splash bitmaps, reducing GM9 .firm size (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • [improved] Slightly tweaked bootloader
  • [improved] Additional entries in system info
  • [improved] New battery color scheme (thanks @JoshuaDoes)
  • [improved] A gigaton of smaller improvements, many of them under the hood
  • [fix] Several bugfixes, fixing freeze issues with fastboot3DS (thanks, @profi200)
  • [fix] Unified handling of tar (when compiling, on all OSes), via a Python script (thanks @ihaveamac)
  • [scripting] Control flow support via if, elif, else, end, goto (thanks @windows-server-2003)
  • [scripting] labelsel command, allowing the user to select from a range of labels to jump to
  • [scripting] strsplit command, allowing to extract substrings from a string
  • [scripting] New REGION environment var

GodMode9 v1.4.3
What's new:
  • [new] Hardcoded readme and readme viewer inside the HOME -> More... menu
  • [improved] Vastly improved GBA VC Save injection method - will now work 100% of time
  • [improved] Improved image mount handling
  • [improved] Improved text viewer colour scheme
  • [improved] Improved FIRM decryptor (only applies to N3DS original FIRMs)
  • [fix] Fixed scripts not showing up in text viewer
  • [fix] Fixed crashes when viewing certain text files
  • [scripting] Fixed and improved shaget command

GodMode9 v1.4.2
What's new:
  • [new] Added NAND restore scripts by Kazuma77
  • [new] Allow R+DOWN to force reload the file list
  • [new] Inject context menu entry for virtual files (only if there's exactly one entry in the clipboard)
  • [fix] Fixed ntrboot detection. GM9 now again works as intended when flashed directly to a ntrboot card. Thanks @ihaveamac for finding this bug.
  • [fix] Don't allow mounting already mounted drive images.
  • [fix] Fixed vanishing top bar on GodMode9TD (thanks @MelonGx for the find)

GodMode9 v1.4.1
What's new:
  • [new] Current battery state is visible via an icon on the top bar
  • [new] Bootloader function (previously undocumented, read the readme!)
  • [new] Completely rewritten and improved method of GBA VC save dumping and injecting
  • [new] Exceptions dumps can be transferred via QR codes (you'll most likely never ever see that)
  • [scripting] Allow customizing and disabling the script preview
  • [scripting] Added qr and chk commands
  • [scripting] Added HAX, ONTYPE and RDTYPE environment vars
  • [fix] Fix the swapped sd_cid,mem and nand_cid.mem
  • [fix] Brought back 'Copy to 0:/gm9/out' for dirs

GodMode9 v1.4.0
What's new:
  • [new] Support for mounting and browsing NDS images
  • [new] Payloads menu inside HOME menu
  • [new] Release archive contains .firms for install via ntrboot_flasher
  • [new] Exception handler (works inside GodMode9 only), thanks to @Wolfvak
  • [new] Installer for FIRM files (advanced users / ntrboot only, everyone else use SafeB9SInstaller)
  • [new] New system information feature in HOME menu, thanks to @Myriachan
  • [new] Access to MCU registers (read-only) via the M: drive (again, thanks @Myriachan)
  • [new] Reverse LZSS decompression of compressed .code (A button menu for CXIs)
  • [new] NAND header rebuilder - this can help with borked NANDs and lost NCSDs
  • [new] Recursive CMAC fixer for drives A:, B:, S: and E:
  • [new] Build date/time on splash screen - hold any button to keep displaying the splash screen
  • [new] File info feature for files, and improved/combined drive/dir info feature
  • [new] Nag screen if RTC is not correctly set (if year < 2017 is detected)
  • [new] Visual progress update on large batch operations (scrolling filelist)
  • [scripting] Live text preview of currently processed script
  • [scripting] Ability to build standalone script runners (see readme for info)
  • [scripting] Added fixcmac, boot, shaget, switchsd, extrcode, filesel scripting commands
  • [scripting] Enhanced the injectcommand
  • [scripting] Allow partial checks via the sha command
  • [scripting] findreturns the alphanumerical last / first match
  • [scripting] Dynamically updated environment variables
  • [fix] Vastly decreased boot times
  • [fix] Improved NDS cart dumper code
  • [fix] Improved screen init routines, fixing an array of smaller problems (thanks, @Wolfvak)
  • [fix] The usual batch of smaller improvements and fixes - hopefully I didn't forget anything big ;)

GodMode9 v1.3.1
What's new:
  • Fixed the broken FAT image mount feature
  • ISO 8601 standard used for date&time
  • Brightness is changeable via the volume slider, courtesy of @Wolfvak, with some additions by @al3x10m

GodMode9 v1.3.0
What's new:
  • RTC clock support - that means (among other stuff) correct dates for FAT file modifications. Be sure to read the updated quick start guide below.
  • New DATESTAMP / TIMESTAMP variables for scripting (see HelloScript.gm9, also take note of the changed NAND backup scripts).
  • Chainloading FIRMs - big thanks go to @Wolfvak, who did all the heavy lifting. The option for this is in the A button menu.
  • Independent FIRM - this means GM9 can now run out of the FIRM0/FIRM1 partition. Don't do this if you don't know exactly what you're doing. Thanks for this go to @Wolfvak, again.
  • You can now create dummy files of any size via R+Y.
  • The usual batch of smaller fixes and improvements.

GodMode9 v1.2.8
What's new:
  • New input, decrypt, encrypt, buildcia commands for scripting
  • New CURRDIR environment variable for scripting
  • Fix case sensitive write permission checking (critical!)
  • Fix bad line numbers in text viewer
  • Fix TWL key init on certain A9LH entrypoints
  • Miscelaneous smaller fixes and improvements

GodMode9 v1.2.7
What's new:
  • Support for running .gm9 scripts (take a look at HelloScript.gm9 to learn how it works)
  • New viewer for text files (views .gm9 scripts, too, of course)
  • Simplified EmuNAND / RedNAND creation options
  • Safety confirmation on copy / move / inject user cancels
  • Nagscreen for embedded backup if it is not found
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements, actually too many to list here.

GodMode9 v1.2.1
What's new:
  • Reduced the N3DS ram drive siz
  • e to 64MB (sighax only, cause extended FCRAM is disabled)
  • Full support for custom NCSDs (still experimental at this point)
  • Added support for upcoming boot9strap and Luma 3DS releases (thanks @TuxSH)
  • OTP is now decryptable via GM9 - look for M:/otp_dec.mem
  • Essential backup now contains the otp instead of the otp hash
  • Support for setting up GW type EmuNANDs
  • The usual stash of minor improvements and bugfixes

GodMode9 v1.1.8
What's new:
  • FIRM entrypoint supported, use GodMode9.firm (chainload via Luma 3DS, thanks @TuxSH & @AuroraWright)
  • Ability to dump boot9, boot11 and otp (works via Boot9Strap only, thanks @SciresM)
  • New search for installed titles, just use R+A on title dirs (1:/title, 2:/title, A:/title, ....)
  • New CXI dumper (use the A button on TMD files)
  • Game file renamer included (allows to rename NCCH, NCSD, CIA and NDS files)
  • Improved topdown mode is now standard
  • Various minor improvements and bugfixes

GodMode9 v1.1.3
What's new:
  • Build the output path for encTitlekeys.bin / decTitlekeys.bin / aeskeydb.bin / seed.bin if it does not exist
  • Fix some SD cards not mounting (bug introduced in v0.6.6) - thanks @Linden10 for being a patient tester
  • Some even more minor stuff

GodMode9 v1.1.2
What's new:
  • Title info display for NCCH/NCSD/CIA/TMD/SMDH/NDS
  • Decrypting / encrypting / building / mounting aeskeydb.bin
  • Decrypting / encrypting / building encTitlekeys.bin / decTitlekeys.bin
  • Building seeddb.bin
  • Improved essential backup feature, now includes NAND CID & OTP hash
  • Increased ramdrive storage size (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • Fixed mounting ticket.db (thanks @saibotu)
  • Various smaller bugfixes

GodMode9 v1.0.7
What's new:
  • New, improved CTRNAND transfer method
  • A minor bugfix

GodMode9 v1.0.6
What's new:
  • New fancy splash screen and GodMode9 logo
  • CTRtransfer made possible (recommended on A9LH only, refer to the Guide)
  • New NAND backup operation in HOME menu
  • Easy restore of H&S after injection from HOME menu
  • Improved TWL cart compatibility (thanks to @Normmatt)
  • Red screen indicates extra dangerous operations now
  • Allow setting up the bonus drive even if little space is available
  • Improved devkit support for NCCH / CIA operations
  • Automatic detection of SD card insert and ejects (you still need to unmount!)
  • Dirs can be analyzed (for total size / # of files / # of subdirs) now
  • "Copy to 0:/gm9out" operation for dirs is now available
  • Images can now be mounted from ram drive and bonus drive

GodMode9 v1.0.0
What's new:
  • A9LH preserving NAND restore (A button on NAND dumps)
  • Injecting and dumping the virtual GBA save (Virtual SysNAND drive)
  • Virtual Gamecart drive (C:, allows access to CTR/TWL/NTR) carts
  • Bonus drive, utilizing the unused space on NAND (home menu)
  • NCCH/NCSD/CIA encryption (in A button menu)
  • BOSS file decryption/encryption/verification (in A button menu)
  • Health & Safety injection for CXIs (also inside CIAs)
  • Decrypting / verifying / building CIA from NUS/CDN downloads (check the readme)
  • Mounting ticket.db files (for access to tickets)
  • Calculating and fixing CMACs for basically all files that have it
  • Generating XORpads from ncchinfo.bin files
  • Launching ARM9 payloads (thanks @Wolfvak)
  • Embedding essential backups into NAND files
  • Handling Multi EmuNAND setups (check the home menu)
  • ETA displayed for large / long operations
  • Completely revised and improved permission system (check the readme)
  • Changed drive order, to group SysNAND / EmuNAND stuff
  • Countless minor improvements and bug fixes

GodMode9 v0.9.2
What's new:
  • This is a major rewrite for most of the code GM9 consists of
  • Verify support for CIA, NCSD, NCCH, TMD and FIRMs
  • Decrypt support for CIA, NCSD, NCCH, FIRMs
  • Building CIAs from NCSD, NCCH and TMD (that includes building CIAs from SD installed and system contents)
  • Batch support for all of the above
  • Mount support for CIA, NCSD (.3DS), NCCH, ExeFS, RomFS and FIRMs (from system and SD installed content, too)
  • New X: drive for NAND XORpads
  • Persistent RAM drive on 9:, not coupled to image handling
  • No SD mode - GodMode9 can now run without an SD card inserted
  • Readme finally provides actual useful information
  • Countless smaller improvements and bug fixes

GodMode9 v0.7.3
What's new:
  • New SD data drives (A:/B:), for unencrypted access to data installed to your SD card
  • Selection of cluster size enabled in SD formatter
  • Simplified RedNAND setup after SD format
  • New HOME menu (just press the HOME button) with shutdown / restart / SD format options
  • POWER button is now functional and shuts down the console
  • Improved permissions system
  • Multiple minor improvements and fixes

GodMode9 v0.6.6
What's new:
  • New 6x10 font, and various improvements to the UI
  • Search for file via wildcard patterns (R+A on drives/folders)
  • SD card formatter (unmount via R+B first) (auto copies GM9 A9LH payload)
  • Goto offset feature in hex editor
  • Search for strings and data in hex editor
  • Added handling and verification for .SHA files
  • Removed slot0x05keyY.bin requirement on A9LH v2
  • Injecting files into files (must have exactly one file in clipboard)
  • Faster encryption/decryption of NAND partitions
  • Tweaked button react times
  • Half copied files are now properly removed
  • Countless smaller fixes and improvements
  • More stuff I possibly forgot

GodMode9 v0.5.1
What's new:
  • Simple hex editor is now included (only single byte changes, no inserts / deletes)
  • New hex view, utilizing both screens
  • Totally revised write permission system, now allowing granular permissions
  • Writing to memory is now allowed (when the permission is unlocked)
  • Improved handling when copying / moving to existing files
  • Encrypting / decrypting sector0x96 is supported (needs otp.bin on entrypoints other than a9lh)
  • Auto-scroll when holding arrow buttons, thanks to the ARM9 timer register
  • Multiple minor bugfixes
  • SafeMode9, a safe variant of GodMode9 which makes it impossible to brick

GodMode9 v0.4.0
What's new:
  • No more additional files are required for GM9 to work (=> no more slot0x05keyY.bin / aeskeydb.bin)
  • You can mount a RAMdrive in root via R+X (28MB for O3DS / 128MB for N3DS)
  • You can now calculate & compare file SHA-256s
  • Moving FAT files and folders is now possible
  • Safety check for A9LH when trying to overwrite A9LH regions
  • Extended and fixed the virtual memory feature
  • GW Launcher.dat support is deprecated and the Launcher.dat no more included in the archive.
  • Countless smaller fixes and improvements

GodMode9 v0.3.5
What's new:
  • You can now mount NAND and FAT images and use them as additional drive(s)
  • Hexviewer for files from any locations
  • Virtual Memory drive added (allows you to view and dump certain memory regions)
  • Dual pane handling added, switch with R + (Right / Left)
  • Vastly improved button react times on O3DS (thanks @AuroraWright)
  • More useful info displayed in directory view
  • Fixed filename input dialogue (this would fail on rare occasions)
  • Fixed case sensitive renaming
  • Some minor bugfixes

GodMode9 v0.2.0
Initial release version

  • Manage files on all your data storages: You wouldn't have expected this, right? Included are all standard file operations such as copy, delete, rename files and create folders. Use the L button to mark multiple files and apply file operations to multiple files at once.
  • Make screenshots: Press R+L anywhere. Screenshots are in BMP format.
  • Use multiple panes: Press R+left|right. This enables you to stay in one location in the first pane and open another in the second pane.
  • Search drives and folders: Just press R+A on the drive / folder you want to search.
  • Format your SD card / setup a RedNAND: Press the HOME button, select SD format menu. This also allows to setup a RedNAND on your SD card. You will get a warning prompt and an unlock sequence before any operation starts.
  • Run it without an SD card / unmount the SD card: If no SD card is found, you will be offered to run without the SD card. You can also unmount and remount your SD card from the file system root at any point.
  • Direct access to SD installed contents: Just take a look inside the A:/B: drives. One the fly crypto is taken care for, you can access this the same as any other content.
  • Build CIAs from NCCH / NCSD (.3DS) / TMD (installed contents): Press A on the file you want converted, the option will be shown. Installed contents are found (among others) in 1:/titles/(SysNAND) and A:/titles/(SD installed). Where applicable, you will also be able to generate legit CIAs. Note: this works also from a file search.
  • Decrypt and verify NCCH / NCSD / CIA / TMD / FIRM images: Options are found inside the A button menu. You will be able to decrypt to the standard output directory or (where applicable) in place.
  • Batch mode for the above two operations: Just select multiple files of the same type via the L button, then press the A button on one of the selected files.
  • Access any file inside NCCH / NCSD / CIA / FIRM images: Just mount the file via the A button menu and browse to the file you want.
  • Generate XORpads for any NAND partition: Take a look inside the X: drive. You can use these XORpads for decryption of encrypted NAND images on PC. Additional tools such as 3dsFAT16Tool are required on PC.
  • Directly mount and access NAND dumps or standard FAT images: Just press the A button on these files to get the option. You can only mount NAND dumps from the same console.
  • Restore / dump NAND partitions or even full NANDs: Just take a look into the S: (or E:/ I:) drive. This is done the same as any other file operation.
  • Compare and verify files: Press the A button on the first file, select Calculate SHA-256. Do the same for the second file. If the two files are identical, you will get a message about them being identical. On the SDCARD drive (0:) you can also write a SHA file, so you can check for any modifications at a later point.
  • Hexview and hexedit any file: Press the A button on a file and select Show in Hexeditor. A button again enables edit mode, hold the A button and press arrow buttons to edit bytes. You will get an additional confirmation prompt to take over changes. Take note that for certain file, write permissions can't be enabled.
  • Inject a file to another file: Put exactly one file (the file to be injected from) into the clipboard (via the Y button). Press A on the file to be injected to. There will be an option to inject the first file into it.


Source: https://github.com/d0k3/GodMode9



What do I need to run this?

GodMode9 can be chainloaded via Luma 3DS, fastboot3DS or boot9strap. You can also install GodMode9 to the FIRM0 partition to act as bootloader, but this is only recommended for advanced users.

A Word of Warning:

This is powerful stuff
, but precautions are taken so you don't accidentially damage the filesystem of your console. The write permissions system protects you by providing warnings and forces you to enter an unlock sequence for enabling write permissions. It is not possible to overwrite or modify any important stuff without such unlock sequences and it is not possible to accidentially unlock something.

After unlocking write permissions on SysNAND, any writing change to your CTRNAND can result in a brick (still recoverable via A9LH). Writing changes to your TWLN partition can lead to a partial brick, leading to your console not being able to run DSiWare / DS cartridges anymore. If you unlock the A9LH write permission, you are able to overwrite and remove the A9LH installation in your system, which allows you to full brick your console (in that case, only recoverable via hardmod).

As always, be smart, keep backups, just to be safe.

A Challenge for you (preferably hardmod owners):

As I wrote, GodMode9 is written to be rock solid. So, I challenge you to make it crash or at least do something unexpected / unwanted (like writing to NAND without write permissions, breaking files, etc...). If you manage to do so, and give us a description of what you did in thread, you get a free mention in the opening post.

@capito27 managed to crash GodMode9 by removing the SD card while it was in use (without dismounting). There is nothing much that I can do about this, but doing this almost counts as vandalism and is basically the same as removing a game cart while in use ;).

Is this CTRXplorer v2.0?

No. While GodMode9 and CTRXplorer do have overlapping functionality, both projects are completely separate. CTRXplorer also includes a functional CIA, which is not possible with this. If all you want to do is to manage the files on your SD card, I do in fact recommend you use CTRXplorer instead of GodMode9.

GodMode9 talk

You can discuss GodMode9 here, there is a GodMode9 channel on freenode IRC, and @SirNapkin1334 also set up a Discord channel for GodMode9 (invite here). You're more likely to get a useful reply if you do your homework. That is, at least check if the readme contains the answer you're searching for (CTRL+F is your friend).


As always, this wouldn't have been possible without the help from several people. So, my thanks go to:
  • Archshift, for providing the base project infrastructure
  • Normmatt, for sdmmc.c / sdmmc.h
  • Cha(N), Kane49, and all other FatFS contributors for FatFS
  • b1l1s, for helping me figure out A9LH compatibility
  • @dark_samus3 for discovery and initial testing of the 6x10 font.
  • @al3x_10m, @Supster131, @Wolfvak, @Shadowtrance and all other fearless alpha users and testers.
  • The fine folks on freenode #Cakey
  • Everyone I possibly forgot, if you think you deserve to be mentioned, just contact me!
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Just Passing By

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Jan 3, 2016
United States
Hey! Glad to see this is finally out. I don't see a point for this for myself atm, but I bet there'll be some newfound 360noscope exploit where this'lL be useful later :P


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Nov 30, 2014
Micronesia, Federated States of
i once read this was usable to install sudokuhax in ds wifi settings, how?
Find the dsi wifi title in twln partition.
Replace it with sudokuhax v0 .nds (srl).
Overwrite with same file name. (00000000.app)
Go up one directory, make a "data" folder.
Put the hax save "public.sav" inside that folder.
That should be it.


This is really cool! Awesome work.
I see you've included some colors this time xP
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