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Mar 30, 2007
Hey everyone, I'm back! Today was sure a busy today, as I said yesterday.

This morning started out really well, I as hurriedly checked my DS for any info on Days of Ruin (via browser). Seeing it there, I quickly turned on my old, but loyal Pentium III, and it started chugging away at the download after locating a place to find it. Trimmed it, and still had a brief 5 minute overview of the game before leaving to school.

There, all I could think about was Days of Ruin. Yeah, the music had already captivated me, and I couldn't help being distracted from my Chemistry test exercises (it went well, btw!), to think about the quantity of units I'd be blowing up by mid-afternoon.

The key point of the morning was actually my Brazilian teacher (putting aside DoR, of course). My class were fooling around and had blocked a narrow path from which we access our Computer Arquitecture classroom. Well, as he couldn't move, he promptly limited himself not to wait, but to join in the fun by literally throwing himself on one of my friends.

However, an uproar soon was present due to this, and Mr. Quieroz (sub-director) was on that floor. We knew nothing good was about to happen (he's very strict). However, my teacher quickly unlocked the door and told us to enter before he came prowling by looking for the source of the noise.

Anyway, I'll go back to Days of Ruin. I've gotten 'till the the 7th mission of the campaign, and I'm loving it already. Sound is the star of the game, IMO, as the graphics aren't my favorite (best was Dual Strike). Feature and gameplay-wise, it totally pwns its predecessors, which makes this a game I still need to squeeze a lot of juice out.

So yeah...I'll be back tomoz with more news.

P.S. - GBATemp FTW.

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    On a different note entirely I randomly ended up on a hardware mods website. Lot of stuff for the GBA and DS it seems that I had missed entirely.
  • FAST6191 @ FAST6191:
    as well as the option to pay $2 for a surface mount standard fuse
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    i use re vanced
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    VPN YouTube premium $15 a year with a Turkey connection lol
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    D, E, F, G...
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    @FAST6191 - totally agree. not sure the reasons people use vanced/revanced over newpipe.
    I guess it's because of people still wanting to use their yt account (with vanced)?
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    when I use newpipe, I am not signed in, no ads, have exportable watch lists etc... really good.
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    Does anyone have a golden cheat for D2R v1.0.2.0?Like Money、Exp。
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    Look elsewhere or make your own
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    With hookers and booze!!!
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    damn that robot just knew to put the whole bottle of ketchup on the hamburger somehow
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    we are living in the future
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    Yeah cheese is a thing now
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    ok if sony, xbox or nintendo arent going to e3 then
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    who the fuck is going???
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    are they just gonna have like a blank stage or something
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    Indie devs.
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    Instead of the "big three", you'll have the "little million".
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    It will be two minutes per show.
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    Instead of Sony holding a two hour conference, there will be sixty small devs holding two minute conferences.
    Veho @ Veho: Instead of Sony holding a two hour conference, there will be sixty small devs holding two minute... +2