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    May 25, 2017
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    Well guys it's been some time that this game has been release. I made Intro Mod to add English Subtitles along with the Japanese Lyrics since Atlus were to lazy to add them when they brought it over to the west. (XD) I don't blame the though since they brought such a great game over to the 3ds. So I took upon myself to do it for them :D. I couldn't find a official translation after hours of searching but I found a fan translation so I use that instead.

    The fan translation was done by Noctuart (Thank you so much). The source can be found here.
    The ending Fan translation was done by Princess-Jakilna (Thank you so much). The source can be found here.
    The Luma Patch has one for the USA version and EUR version of the game. It has an English Logo version and Japanese Logo version. It's your pick. Link can be found here.

    Preview here (Please Don't subscribe since I don't plan on making videos)(Feel free to check out the channel for the Full Opening (~Falling Flower Flowing Water~) with English Lyrics as well as the Full Ending Theme (~Historia~) with English Lyrics as well) Enjoy :) *Edit: Added the full OP and ED to the Preview
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