R4i "System Date Error" Stuff?

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    Hi all,

    Was wondering if anyone's had the system date error for their R4i for a while? I had this for the last two weeks and read on a blog that turning the date back would fix it - and it does but then the date's different on the card. This is annoying for stuff like Brain Training when there are date related games and all.

    Apparently there's now a fix out, doing another search on it last night and found this blog post:


    But...I downloaded the software, and it works...but is there any way to verify that it's fine with the R4i SDHC card? These aren't the manufacturers so even though it works, I was worried about different software causing some sort of incompatibility. Can anyone else verify the download there fixes the problem for them?

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    The company already released the v1.09c firmware to fix that issue. Just go to www.r4i-sdhc.com and download it.