R4 from gameyeeeah?

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by mike1984, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Sep 25, 2006
    OK, I used to buy from this site about a year ago. My R4 back then cost me about 50$ with a 1 gig card. Now, I am trying to buy one without any microSD cards and the price is about 12$ Is this right? Have the prices dropped that much on these things? This is the product I will be buying: http://www.gameyeeeah.com/r4-ds-revolution...pter-p-190.html Can someone let me know if this is the right thing or not! Thanks!
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    Yes, it is (in a way, I guess).
    They are fake/cones, the R4 stopped production months ago (in may or june?).
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    i suggest you forget about the r4 and get and acekard 2 from dealextreme
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    Jan 9, 2009
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    First post here, YAY. I got an R4DS-III from these guys royaldsi.com and am very pleased with it. It works fine with the "Patriot" 8 gig SDHC card I already had. I got the R4DS-III to be able to use an 8 gig card (about 180 games).

    Be very wary of where you buy an R4DS-III these days. All real R4DS-III cards HAVE TO use the kernel from this site r4dsl.net. To be safe, I recommend www.royaldsi.com. Why? I'll try to keep my story short...

    I got this for my son's DS. It worked great, loads games fast and never ever locked up. It worked so great, I wanted my own. I bought my own new DS and an R4DS-III from r4dsusa.com. It got here (in exact same box as my son's) but the card was a FAKE !!!. How do I know? I loaded the firmware kernel from r4dsl.net (see above) and tried it in the DS and got in big letters THIS IS FAKE!!! on the touch screen. That is all it did.

    So I go back to the site I bought it from. The r4dsusa.com item page linked me to www.r4iiinew.com to get the kernel for this card. I loaded it and it worked.... poorly. It looked the same on the screens but takes forever to load games. Once loaded, sure, it works but I still don't like having a fake. It has locked up on a few games also.

    If you look at the Anti-fake section on r4dsl.net it shows some other fakes they have come across and this card was the one on the bottom with the blob of bonding on it.

    So, just make sure the kernal for the R4DS-III is at r4dsl.net, no where else. They update almost monthly and actually show what the fakes look like.

    The Acekard 2 is possibly better but if you just want to play games, this card is much cheaper.

    BTW, I got a $15.00 - 8 gig Kingston SDHC from newegg.com and it would not work with either card. Correction, any data over 4 gigs on it made it freak out and only show 23 games. Is SanDisk the only truely compatiable 8 gig card? The patriot card I got cost me $30 at Fry's electronics.
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    Sep 19, 2009
    Oh mine,i dont think the price is good .....