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  1. apoptygma

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    Mar 30, 2010
    Just wondering if there's a difference in the US versus the EU releases. I know on previous console generations the PAL titles would typically run slower due to NTSC/PAL refresh rate differences so usually when emulating one would choose the NTSC rom to play at full-speed and full-screen. I assume none of the portable consoles ever had these issues? I would also assume the only practical differences between EU and US titles would be the inclusion of multiple languages making the EU roms slightly larger
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    NTSC/PAL does not enter into the equation in terms of GBA hardware, this also applys to the DS series and 3DS series as well. The differences are the packaging that the GBA first came in and any special editions, thats it. GBA is region free, you can play any title that came out in any region.

    NTSC and PAL are TV video standards.
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    There is no speed difference when it comes to US/EU games because there is no television signals to deal with. The only difference is that EU Gameboy games includes extra languages including english.
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    The hardware is the same. The packaging nd manuals are different. Anyone know if the stickers on the back are different?
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    Sep 19, 2013
    like users above me said, pal\ntsc only applies to TV (because signal standards)
    portable consoles have their own screen.. they don't have to deal with tv standards...
    the only country standard a portable console is required is the power adapter (but they are universal now... the only diference is the plug type..)

    therefore gba consoles and DS and 3ds consoles are exactly the same, only difference is packaging, power adapter and firmware in the case of the 3ds (not sure about the DS)..

    also 3ds is only special because it does have region block implemented in software...
    am not sure if the DS has different languages depending on the region

    but the devices themselves are the exact thing with a different information sticker on them..

    on gba sp the back sticker is diferent (on japanese gba sp the letters are japanese)
    but its the only difference...

    but now that i recall, gba could play movies (there were a few of movies released on carts).. maybe they had some kind of region lock to?
  6. zxieus

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    Jan 30, 2008
    The US GBAs had a pair of extra stickers on the back one barcoded serial below the cart slot and one on the battery cover. which we didn't get in the UK/EU
  7. FAST6191

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    As others said there are no region locks between the Europe/Australia, North America and Japan as far as the consoles go. Technically there was something between the DS and the ique DS (Chinese model), not sure what happened in Korea but that probably will not trouble you.

    Games wise there were some differences between translations (some did actually have the regional version of the language in question, though the differences were usually more obvious between continental French and Canadian French than UK English and American) and levels of bugfixing, I usually suggest the European version of most GBA RPGs, though you will also want to flank them with stuff from http://www.romhacking.net/?page=hac...gory=&perpage=50&title=&author=&hacksearch=Go , http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/130/ being one such example of it all.

    "I know on previous console generations the PAL titles would typically run slower due to NTSC/PAL refresh rate differences"
    It was not so much a technical thing as much as the people doing localisation taking the easiest and worst route to convert between regions. Either way though lots of games were slowed down so that is more of an academic thing.
  8. Snugglevixen

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    Any authentic GBA cart is compatible with any authentic GBA of any region. Except for GBA Video on a GB Player (and a couple of other exceptions if I recall)

    Some Flash Carts do not work with some models of SP

    Some EU games fixed bugs from the US counterparts and changed some text. Many EU games also had language selection screens. Aside from bug fixes and edits and language differences they are identical
    There may be some exceptions to this rule however (like how European Pokemon Platinum for DS removed the Game Corner and European DP used the Platinum Registeel sprite.

    I don't know if there are any GBA games that require 2 games from the same region for multiplayer. Bear in mind Scribblenauts for DS requires games to be from the same region for multiplayer (tried an Australian copy with a US copy) so this might be true for some GBA games.

    Regarding the DS: Like others have said Chinese DS games don't work on a non Chinese DS but any DS game works on a Chinese DS. The DSi is region locked for DSiware (which islocked to the console that bought it anyway) and most DSi enhanced retail titles (The US gen 5 Pokémon games were region free however the Japanese versions weren't)
  9. Spearel18

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    May 5, 2016
    Sorry for necro-posting, but what about the Wii U's virtual console GBA games?
    Is there any difference between the eur and usa releases(except for the differences already present between the original cartridge releases)?
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