Questions about Region Change in EmuNAND (after a9lh)

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    My intent is to create a JP Region EmuNAND in my US N3DS Console (with pre-existing US Sysnand) so that I could play Pokemon game in JP region) on this my favorite machine. I know about Luma and that mult-region things. However, since the trainer region would change to US when one plays the JP-region pokemon on an US console, this would render me impossible to play on JP PGL. Put it simply, I have to play the game on JP console so as to make it legitimate. (The reason is a bit complicated and strange, I know)

    The most important part is, my questions (of course). Would it adversely affect my enjoyment playing JP Pokemon game in a region-changed emuNand (to be changed from US to JP), particularly the online game-play (playing on PGL / playing with friends using Friend Code)? I know assessing e-shop is impossible but I know updating the game offline is viable though. What I am not sure is whether Friend Code and other online gaming is still available in a region-changed system, and also whether PGL is linked to some functions that requires e-shop function. I must admit that I am entirely unsure about the limitation of a region-changed firmware.

    Any thought will be helpful and appreciated.
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