question on wiiflow.

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    Been out of the scene for awhile and had a Question about wifflow 2.2.

    Wiiflow 2.2 iso 249:
    can it read the ntsc and fat32?
    can it load games?
    can it read 2 TB?
    can you partion two 900gb from a 2TB HDD and could it read it?

    wiiflow 2.2 iso 222:
    can it load games?
    when tryed it it said that iso 222 needed to be updated, how?
    I also played metroid mother m on 249 WBFS format and it played good.
    But when I format to fat32 loaded the game on iso 222 wiiflow, gote a game dump, what could have been the cause?

    i did go to wifflow webpage and read. but this question could not fine.