(question) is it possible to extract a model from a .bin file?

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    ive been trying to extract the character model from metroid prime: hunters, but everything in the models folder is in a .bin file, looked it up on google but the best video was from 10 years ago, does anyone know how to convert it/extract the model?
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    Metroid prime DS was released before the formats became more focused. In this case it predated the NSBMD format, though if you look at it you will see things that remind you of it.

    There was a tool made to display them. It was called DSGraph. https://filetrip.net/nds-downloads/utilities/download-dsgraph-1-0-f29517.html

    It will just display them and does not offer much beyond that (granted tools in general that allow for manipulation of 3d formats on the DS are far less developed than a lot of other systems). Never looked into it to see if you might be able to use a PC 3d ripper.
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