Question as a noob to Wii U hacking

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  1. Wack0

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    Apr 29, 2009
    So, I got Splatoon and Mario Maker for Christmas, and my Wii U is at 5.1 and is deliberately not connected to the internet.

    I've read some guides, and heard that I can use "spoofing", which I guess is installing part of 5.5?

    Or I can wait for an IOSU exploit, but will that be available for 5.1 upon release? I'd like to stay at 5.1 if it's possible because I heard the 5.3.x privesc is unreliable.

    Has anyone had any side effects from spoofing? What exactly is it, what does it do, could it have side effects in the future?

    I'm aware that the main hacking guide says to wait, but we all know that means an unknown amount of time.

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Miles54321

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    Well 5.3.2 is hacked atm for wii u backups but you're on 5.1

    Your best option is to use a game that updates to 5.3.2 I think splatoon does that you'll have to check