Question about Restoring Sysnand

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    Dec 15, 2014
    So I have an old 3ds xl running on 4.2 sysnand and 3 sd cards with 3 different emunands (cfw 4.2, mt latest firmware, and gateways on latest firmware) and the sysnand isnt linked to any of these. So my question is if i restored my 9.2 sysnand would I 1. get my nnid back from the sysnand restore (my nnid is on my mt emunand now)? and 2. would this mess up my other emunands once i downgrade again?

    I am mainly doing this because either my sys or emu changed regions was i first downgraded so now i have japanese pokemon saves on american retail carts, but it wont read my american saves, so i want to be able to use my pokemon bank with my original nnid to move pokemon to move my pokemon between my japanese file and my american file