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    1. Your .cue file for your .bin playstation image
    2. Output folder, where the eboot is built, like your desktop
    3. Name of the Game (Game Title matches Main Game Title)
    4. ICON0 Image 144x80 (Game ICON)
    5. PIC1 Image 480x272 (PIC1 for Background Image and Boot Warning Image)
    6. Main Game SLUS (fills in automatically)

    When adding a multi-image ps1 game like Final Fantasy 9, the "Main Game ID" SLUS will be the SLUS of the first game, and the "Game ID", will be the SLUS of the last game. These should be filled in automatically, so don't modify the values. You don't need the ugly 80x80 images, make sure your options match the above, then you will have the 144x80 Icons, there much larger than 80x80.

    (Cleaning up my old collection, Fixed some Images, Updated and Added*, so not everything is listed below)
    Abe's Oddysee 1.1 (Greatest Hits)
    Abe's Exodus
    Countdownl Vampires
    Dragon Warrior VII (use ImpalerPSX instead of psx2psp) (Fixed ICON0 and PIC1 Images)
    Eternal Eyes
    Evil Dead
    Final Fantasy VII (fixed 1 cheat entry)
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Galerians Ash
    Horned Owl
    Intelligent Qube (cheats added)
    Intelligent Qube Final (found no cheats)
    Legend of Legaia
    Martian Gothic
    Parappa the Rappa
    Ray Crisis
    Ray Storm
    Saga Frontier
    Saga Frontier 2
    Saiyuki Journey West
    Shadow Madness
    Skull Monkeys (doesn't boot)
    Steel Harbinger
    Suikoden 1 + 2 (Cleaned up Cheats for 2)
    Un Jammy Lammy
    Vanguard Bandits

    (One Icon Image and Background Image per game, even if its a multidisk game)

    TempAR 1.63 includes all NTSC Widescreen Patches (6.60 Pro Fix 3 Tested, Psp 2001)


    (3.71 Popsloader is good, and 6.60 is probably better, the cdda plugin is only for 6.60, tried .cue/bin games and it works, the info says .img only ... popsloader is not included ... some small updates to cheats, tales series, and lunar series)

    (Activate Widescreen Patch after the PS1 Logo, when you start Popsloader, Popsloader is not included, just overwrite the SEPLUGINS folder with the above and then include Popsloader in there) (http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-PSOne-Widescreen-Patches?page=52
    Also updated several cheats for many games, TempAR has 31 Character Limit Naming, so the cheat file from cwcheat has had some label descriptions updated)

    Xenogears Text Speed Up Cheat Tests on HardType 1.4 Works

    Dragon Warrior VII - Does not boot with multidisk in psx2psp, using single disks will freeze after boot ... ImpalerPSX only, multidisk worked on popsloader 4.01 (can't seem to replace the default boot warning screen either, can probably black out that image from a hex editor (wipe with zeros)
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