PSP PS1 Eboots and Some Emulators Won't Load Right

Discussion in 'PSP - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by FireSpirit, May 1, 2015.

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    A week ago, my friend dropped my PSP in water by accident. Since then, it has dried out, and the home bar buttons work again. But now, whenever I try to boot up PS1 games, it just goes to the home menu with the screen black and I'm unable to select an option even when I highlight it and press X. It's the same with some of the emulators, I try to start it, but it won't load right at all. I don't know if it's my PSP itself or my memory stick that's the issue, and the games and emulators on my PSP don't show as corrupted data, but... If anyone has a solution to my problem, I would greatly thankful.
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    Obligatory "Go Get a New PsP" Answer. In all seriousness, if the system is running ok now, I would guess the data on the memory got corrupted. Might try wiping the card, scanning it, and if that all passes, reload the games on there, and see how it does.
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    did you open it up and checked if its clean enough?

    when electronics get water, best thing you should do is remove the battery. and don't try to turn it on to check if its working. just unplug (removing all powersources) and dry them up
    the problem about with normal water is creating a connection where it touchs it.. you can use water on electronics if they are turned off and you dry them really well afterwards.. (but still dont do it)
    the second problem with water is corrosion.. which is why you still shouldnt use water even with the elecronics turned off..

    i would recommend you to open it up and check if there is some water inside (or humidity left..)
    and use a homebrew for check if buttons are working propertly...
    then try to install the stuff again... like user above said..
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