PSA New PS4 Slim/Pro Controllers do not work on Nintendont, Hid To Vpad

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    OK I made a thread before talking about how Hid To Vpad does not detect the New ps4 controller that sony released when they released the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. I posted pictures so you can see both controllers side by side. The new ps4 controller is the one with the lightbar both on top and on the touch pad. The original ps4 controller doesn't have the lightbar on the touchpad. Also when you plug both controllers into a computer one comes up as wireless controller which is normal. The new ps4 controller comes up as that and as a microphone for some odd reason. This is just to clarify that there is a difference with the 2 ps4 controllers. The original controller works just fine out of the box in both Nintendont and hid to vpad. The new one does not. It wont even get detected let alone work. In the hidtest in both wii u and vwii it doesn't show up at all like its not even plugged in. Now I tried different usb ports as well nothing worked. This is just to let you guys know. Sony did something a bit different when they made the new controller that doesn't let it work like the old one. I did read that Sony's new controller transmits data differently through USB than the old one and I can confirm that because on sony's ps4 pro the new controller lets you send data through usb alone instead of wirelessly for less latency in games. The old controller has no option on the ps4 pro. So I'm assuming the changes they made is what keeps it from being detected on the wii u and vwii. Anyway I am no expert with the inner workings of electronics by any means but I have tested more than just 1 new ps4 controller and its the same problem. I just wanted to bring this to people's attention because no one seems to be bringing it up. Hell the fact that there's 2 different models of ps4 controller now makes it even more confusing so there's that. Thank you all for your time.
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