ps3 4.84 cfw

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    Aug 19, 2014
    so I just want to give you a notice about my experience with overflow cfw 4.84 and it's just a disaster please do not think for a moment just chose whatever besides overflow.
    i know some people gonna say that it work fine but believe me it have a lot of bugs sooner or later you will regret to chose it, I installed it yesterday and guess what? every time I open a homebrow app or load game from multiman I got a black screen and every installed/psn games freezed or a black screen plus the fan go full speed every 20 min when I restart the console so to remedy this problem I install the rebug 4.84 cfw lite and I did a file system restoration from recovery mode and it work perfectly like a charm. please be careful before installing a cfw just weat to get some reviews first and then make your move.
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